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Wah-wah effect with Pocket POD???
by JOHGRU on 2010-02-15 13:16:47.0600

I don´t understand the wah buttons in vyzex editor? My wah sound don´t sound like a wah at all. I saw a guy on youtube that used wah sound on Pocket POD. It sounded amazing! I want that too.

I need to make a Livin` on a Prayer talkbox (wah-wah) effect.

RE: Wah-wah effect with Pocket POD???
by AParedes on 2010-02-17 14:21:09.3700


The wah controls are position (sweep), bot freq and top freq. bottom and top will be the tonal frequency limits of the overall range, while position controls the tonal emphasis. You can control the PocketPOD wah when the PPod is connected to a computer, and then when there is a MIDI controllable expression pedal connected.

Re: RE: Wah-wah effect with Pocket POD???
by JOHGRU on 2010-02-18 08:26:41.6390

Do i have to use wah effect through the PC... or can i use the the wah effect without PC?

Must i use a expression pedal?

If yes... do i have to plug the expression pedal into the PC or the PPod?

Sorry for wrong spelling/grammar.

Re: RE: Wah-wah effect with Pocket POD.
by CliveAshton on 2010-05-04 05:05:21.5910

Hello Andy (intesting heads up midi expression pedal)

I have a pocket pod and use sequel2, however pocket pod cannot be connected to a computer via usb thus enabling it to be used as a midi device, therefore I am I correct in assuming the the wah settings in vyrex are not availble to me also?   or is the expression pedal connected directly into the pocket pod via the usb connector.

I know the pro pod2.0 can be connected to a computer as a midi device.

Kind regards


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