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DL4, powers up, no sound
by thuss73 on 2009-03-26 14:07:10.0720

I have a DL4 that powers up with tap LED flashing and all but no sound, wet or dry.  It passes a signal in bypass.  I've check out the jacks, and even swapped relays.  And of course, I did the re-boot too.  Ideas? 

Re: DL4, powers up, no sound
by elwood55 on 2009-03-30 07:35:03.4250

I have the same exact problem, and word yet on a solution?



Re: DL4, powers up, no sound
by smokingskunk on 2009-06-10 07:37:05.5720

my dl4 still lights up .when bypassed it gives me sound however when i switch one of my presets on i get no sound. i only get sound when the unit is bypassed.

I did the reset thing to factroy default did the true bypass reset changed cables everything but am having no luck

line 6 help me please

Re: DL4, powers up, no sound
by ChaChing on 2009-06-19 08:24:48.5410

HI guys,

First, please do register your DL4s on your account. Having the SN can aid in troubleshooting, if nothing else so that we can easily find out what you have to work with.

In terms of your question, please remember that while this is a support forum, you must mark threads as a question to be sure a Line 6 Rep sees it immediately. If not, the intent is that the community will be able to assist you as well, but you may not get the direct support you are hoping for.

If you are still having problems, please register the device here: Then let us know exactly how you have the DL4 plugged into your signal chain, how it is being powered and what troubleshooting you have done to this point.



Re: DL4, powers up, no sound
by lafave on 2009-09-10 03:41:42.6300

Hello Sach,

I've registered my DL4 after reading this thread. Got exactly the same problem with mine. Haven't used it in a while. Have tried the factory reset already with the A-D switches. The leds are blinking when inserting the instrument cable. After that it's silent. In the beginning I heard nothing at all. But now I get the true bypass sound and can't get the effects to work. Switching with the footswitches doesn't work either. I tried turning all the knobs and a couple of factory resets. Power supply is a Line 6 MKA-091200GS, output 9V 1200mA. I read in another thread about 2000mA, maybe that has became the standard later? I own the box since 2001.

I hope there are some actions I can undertake myself in order to get the box working and am looking forward to your reply.


Ype Reitsma


Re: DL4, powers up, no sound
by brunnocruz on 2011-10-05 12:26:50.6550

Hey Guys!

I just got my dl4 and I have the exac same problem!
I'm so frustrated, because I'm Brazilian and I bought the line 6 in America, so I checked this failure only when I got my country.

Someone could fix that?



Re: DL4, powers up, no sound
by sstevko on 2012-07-09 14:10:47.9610

I have the same issue... DL4 powers up but without any sound.. works just bypassed.

I tried to cool the unit down in a refrigerator for about an hour and it started to work again. Then again it stopped after few hours. I tried this procedure several times and it worked.. seems like something is overheating inside.

Re: DL4, powers up, no sound
by district6 on 2012-11-21 07:40:00.5000

Guys I have the DL4 - had that same issue - get registered then search repair places for your area - apparently there is a power surge thing or something - they all do it eventually - or sooner than later - mine took 5 yrs - once fixed worked like a charm - was about $75 -$80 bucks - 2 weeks - ona another note - whenit was gone - my tone was horribal - the thing is magic - get it fixed - ps I have the M9 and they are NOT the same.

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