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Spider Valve Amp Covers
by Karl_Houseknecht on 2010-02-16 10:41:05.9050

According to the Add-Ons page:

Coming soon! Don't let your Spider Valve
MkII amplifier become another casualty in the war between your van and
your gear. Premium Spider Valve MkII amp covers protect against
scratches, nicks, dust, a torn grill cloth, and other aggravating
occurrences. Constructed of padded, weather-resistant vinyl with
machine-stitched seams, the custom-designed covers are a perfect fit. A
strap with a strong Velcro® closure keeps the cover in place. Available
in black with a silver stitched Line 6 logo.

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So, when is "soon"?  And are these Tuki-made covers with the Line6 logo on them?  Kinda looks like them.  Also, how much?

Re: Spider Valve Amp Covers
by MOTOMEDIA on 2010-02-16 11:26:06.9420

Check out D2F covers Designed 2 Fit.  I think I got mine through ebay. They make covers for a lot of amps.

Re: Spider Valve Amp Covers
by Karl_Houseknecht on 2010-02-16 11:29:16.1460

Yeah, I know about them and Tuki.  I was just curious about what Line6 says is coming.

Re: Spider Valve Amp Covers
by supertacks on 2010-02-16 12:44:58.0060

I use an old Fender cover from a Pro 185 for my SV 212 I.  Been putting that thing on amps since 1989.

Every company that makes amps should include at least a cheapo cover.  For a little amount it adds a lot of percieved value.

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