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How to detect code exceeding DSP bandwidth (debugging tip)
by RedPandaCurt on 2010-02-16 10:56:57.9280

It can be difficult to tell if your DSP code is taking longer to run than the available clock cycles between samples.  The DSP56364 ignores a second ESAI interrupt if it is still processing the first one, causing it to drop samples.  In my case, the effect pretty much worked, but the missed samples added a small high-frequency signal.

I added the following code to the beginning of the receive exception interrupt (esai_rxe_isr) to detect receive overruns.  It uses one of the debug memory locations as a counter, so it's unobtrusive.  The actual number of overruns isn't important - just the fact that the number is changing.

     ; Check for receive overrun

     move     x:M_SAISR,a

     jclr     #7,a,_no_receive_overrun

     move     x:Debug_Read_from_DSP_4,a0

     inc     a


     move     a0,x:Debug_Read_from_DSP_4


Re: How to detect code exceeding DSP bandwidth (debugging tip)
by audioartillery on 2010-02-16 13:13:09.1850

That's a great tip, thanks.  I did something stupid one time and suspected this was happening but didn't know how to prove it.

And congrats on doing something complicated enough to max out your DSP cycles!

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