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Flextone HD 300 watt head
by guitarplayersdad on 2010-02-16 13:30:46.2970

My teenage son who uses a POD 2.0 with floor board was recently given a Flextone HD 300 watt head without a cabinet. I would like to get him set up with his first half stack using the head he was given but don't know what cabinet to get. A few question on achieving this.

1. What cabinet originally came with this head? Should I try to hunt one down or is there another cabinet well suited for use with this head?

2. Can his saved sounds be transferred from the POD to the Flextone head?

He has both the floorboard and the FB4 (I think it called FB4 ~ 4 stomp switches). He is complaining that the tuning feature on the floorboard is not working with the POD. Is there an easy fix for this. I also assume both these are compatible with the Flextone HD???

I do not play myself and he has only been playing for a little over a year. All the guitar players I know say he's coming along VERY fast but it's still up to dear old dad to help figure out the gear until he becomes more knowledgeable himself. Any help you can offer would be great. 

Re: Flextone HD 300 watt head
by Crusty_Old_Rocker on 2010-02-16 14:44:11.9210

The Spider Cab ( would be ideal for that head as it won't colour the tone too much.

He will need to download Line 6 Edit and install it on a computer and you will also need a MIDI interface to save the POD tones to computer and install them on the Flextone.

As for the tuner problem, try isolating the problem by trying the floorboard with another POD to see if the problem is in the POD or the Floorboard.  Also try a different cable (but if all other controls are working it probably isn't the cable).  Once you have isolated the problem you can get the offending device repaired at a service centre see:

I hope this is helpful.



Re: Flextone HD 300 watt head
by VikingFirebeard on 2010-02-17 19:29:42.5120

Unless you're a purist I wouldn't worry about what cabinet came with it originally. They sound fine mated together but I would say let your son find his own, take him to the local guitar store and try out the cabinets. I also own an original Flextone HD and mine sounded really great through a Mesa Boogie cabinet. Let your son explore each cab and go from there.

Re: Flextone HD 300 watt head
by guitarplayersdad on 2010-02-18 12:01:04.1230

Thanks Crusty, My only concern with the cab you suggest is that it only runs in stereo. Being a FOH techy myself, this is not a feature I am very fond of. Having to mic up both sides of the cabinet to try to capture all the nuances. I would rather it had the ability to run mono as well. I will take a look at this cab all the same at a local guitar store assuming they have one to demo. Thanks for the trouble shooting instructions. As it turns out the tuner function seems to be working OK. He told me last night that the tuning doesn't match the tuning of the guys he plays with because they have a chromatic tuners.......what the! I have no me a tuner is a tuner! Your either in tune or your not.......I understand the drop tuning and all that but now he wants a chromatic tuner......granted the guys he jams with are much older than him and have all the high end gear and I don't want him to be embarrased but jees man Why is a chromatic tuner so much better? hehehehe! Thanks Again!

Re: Flextone HD 300 watt head
by guitarplayersdad on 2010-02-18 12:33:05.2490

Hey Vikingfirebeard, Thanks for chiming in. I thought about taking him down and letting him pick one out but the last time I did that he picked a Jupiter over a Conn. Not that the Jupiter hasn't done it's job but the Conn is generally known as being superior. Oh yeah, he plays the alto sax too. I'm a bit nervous he will pick out junk and then i'll have to pay for it all over again in about a year. It's hard to get him to focus when we go gear shopping.........he just wants to stand and stare at the Les Paul Silver Burst Custom hanging on the wall. Ha! It's good to know that you like the mesa boogie with that head. I gravitate to Mesa gear.....but in general I don't normally see guitar players mixing gear......I wasn't sure if that was like the cardinal sin among guitar players or not. Thanks Again!

RE: Flextone HD 300 watt head
by AParedes on 2010-02-18 13:50:48.1990


Both Crusy and Viking are correct here. The original cabinet for the Flextone HD (412S - is no longer shipping, but you still may be able to find this cabinet at a local dealer. You can also try the Spider Valve cabinet (412VS - to see how your son likes that with the flextone HD.

Be aware that the original Flextone HD did not have MIDI in, so you will not be able to transfer the tones.

Hope your son enjoys the head!

Re: Flextone HD 300 watt head
by VikingFirebeard on 2010-02-18 21:41:32.9140

guitarplayersdad wrote:

I gravitate to Mesa gear.....but in general I don't normally see guitar players mixing gear......

Mostly due to big endorsements, those of us who aren't endorsed or can't afford to buy matching gear go for what we like, buy what we can now and save up for later!

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