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Lowdown 410 cab frequency response?
by bing on 2010-02-16 23:04:02.5210

I am looking for the frequency response of the 410 cab.


RE: Lowdown 410 cab frequency response?
by AParedes on 2010-02-22 15:35:21.7450

The design of the LD410 cabinet is similar to other 410 bass cabinets in its class. Is there a specific reason you are interested in this specification?

Re: RE: Lowdown 410 cab frequency response?
by bing on 2010-02-22 23:09:51.0330

Because I like to know what the frequency response of a speaker is before considering it for purchase.  Why do you find it odd that a potential customer asks this question?

BTW it would be helpful if Guitar Center or any other retailer in the Portland area actually stocked them.  But since they don't carry much bass stock, I have to rely on specs to narrow down the search.  That doesn't necessary equate to how it sounds... but if it only goes down to 47Hz, then I know it isn't going to have the lows I'm looking for... that is why I ask.

RE: Lowdown 410 cab frequency response?
by AParedes on 2010-02-24 11:10:09.1970


We do not have this specification on file at this time. When we have this information we will update your thread.

Thank you for your patience.

RE: Lowdown 410 cab frequency response?
by AParedes on 2010-05-19 08:17:16.2700

This is not information we have at this time, but when we have the information we will add it to the LowDown FAQs.

Re: Lowdown 410 cab frequency response?
by meandnooneelse on 2011-11-26 21:28:07.2530

I am in complete agreement with Bing on this. It almost seems like Line 6 is avoiding releasing this valuable piece of info. There is no Line 6 dealer in my area. I have no choice but to order online. I plan to purchase a new amp and cab. I was wanting a Lowdown 400. I would like to go with a Line 6 cab as well, but I usually prefer to use 15" speakers. I was trying to decide whether I want to purchase a Peavey 2X15 cab or the Lowdown 410. I wanted to compare specs... but since this said the info is "not available yet" over a year ago... and is STILL not available... I have serious reservations about buying this cabinet. I will stick with Peavey cabs. I know they sound great, are reliable, and there is a local dealer. Plus they're not afraid to post their specs.

Re: Lowdown 410 cab frequency response?
by kingkeld on 2012-07-31 00:59:49.0790

Is there still no tech specs available for this cabinet? I'm hoping to buy two from you guys, but it would be really nice to know what I am buying.

Two years without you having the info "available" seems like an awful long time. What will it take for you to get this info for your customers? I got $1000 dollars waiting for you. Isn't that some kind of incentive?

Re: Lowdown 410 cab frequency response?
by kingkeld on 2012-08-22 01:42:17.3650

I have - after a few failed attempts - gotten this reply from Line6:

Hi, Though they are made for Line 6, they are essentially the same as the Eminence Basslite Speakers: so: 48Hz-7kHz Keep in mind that in a real world scenario frequency response in guitar and bass cabs is not really all that important. Most speakers in guitar and bass rigs have pretty poor frequency response in comparison  to studio monitors, FRFR P.A. speakers and the like. In some speakers like the Celestion G12T-75 this is actually desirable and serves like an EQ almost. Spec sheets are measured (usually) at 1 meter in an anechoic chamber so frequency response in an actual acoustic environment is going to vary wildly depending on location and position. Also, in a 4X10 closed back cab bass frequencies are going to be accentuated because the frequencies are going to "couple" together due to speaker position.  In short, the Low Down cabs are going to have more than enough low end. Still I would suggest checking on out in person before purchasing if it's a concern. Thanks, David 

These specifications are for the bass units. Then of course there is the tweeter to handle higher frequencies. A local music store found info on this - I do not know the source so I can not guarantee that the info is correct:


The tweeter frequency range is between 1.5KHz to 22KHz. The optimum cut-off frequency is somewhere around 2KHz. Outside of this frequency, the roll-off is quick. The rated power of the tweeter is 20 Watts.

I suppose this would all-in-all give a frequency response of 48-22,000Hz.

Re: Lowdown 410 cab frequency response?
by bassmotive on 2012-09-06 12:19:56.7000

What you really want is a graph of response (in dB) vs. frequency, but it is also customary to give cutoff points at -3dB or some other sound level. For example, here is the spec on my Ampeg SVT410HLF: (-3 dB) 48 Hz to 18 kHz, (-10 dB) 28 Hz. I also own a Lowdown 410, which I've had for almost three years. It's a good cab, but its low end is not as strong as the Ampeg, though I can't give you a number.

I agree with Bing and the others about Line 6 furnishing the spec. In fact, even to have this conversation makes me wonder about Line 6. Frequency response curves should be provided for the full-up cabinet (not just the speakers) as a matter of course. I bugged Gallien-Kruger about getting specs on one of their cabinets, and they actually went and measured it for me, emailed me the response curve.

P.S. I should mention that, although until now I've been happy with the LD410, it sprung a brace or something in the back the other day and now rattles like a jack-hammer. It's had a pretty easy life, never been driven with more than a few 100 watts, probably moved around once or twice a month since I've had it. I expect it should be straightforward to repair; fortunately it's still under warranty (Musician's Friend), so I'm sending it back.

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