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Opened UX1 Box - No Setup-Up Instructions!!
by bartaustin on 2010-02-20 12:32:10.0230

I just opened the box for a UX1.

Everything was in it EXCEPT a "Quick Start" Guide, or AT LEAST a "Setup" instructions sheet on  ...

1) What order to load the software?

2) Should the unit be connected and powered up when the software is loaded?

But wait, now it's time for Line 6  to play "Stump The Customer"!!!

I downloaded the "User Manual and Setup Guide" PDF file labeled for the UX1, and guess what??? ...

... It only has instructions for the "UX2" ... with NOTHING looking similar to the UX1 setup.


Would someone be so kind as to enlighten me.


Re: Opened UX1 Box - No Setup-Up Instructions!!
by bartaustin on 2010-02-20 21:44:46.0280

Holy Cow!!!

The "Monkey" software that came in the box was version 1.26!!! ... It took nearly an hour and about 10 updates to get current!

Thanks for the help!!! ... however ... it wouldn't hurt for Line 6 to include a "3-Line" instruction sheet in the box that says ...

1) Do not connect your Line 6 product to your computer!

2) Go to the Line 6 website and register your product!

3) Install the "POD Farm" software F-I-R-S-T, and follow the onscreen instructions on when to connect your Line 6 device!!

Those 3 sentences would have saved TONS of time and seeking answers on this forum!!

Now the fun begins!! ....

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