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Vetta digital interface for Vetta I. ?
by hajdin on 2010-02-23 13:28:41.8390

Dear Line6,

I am a proud owner of ther Vetta I combo (and a Flextone and a POD and a POD mini . Recently, I have purchased a Variax guitar (amazing!) and would very-very much like to use these two combined via the Vetta digital interface.

I am sure there was a possibility to upgrade the Vetta by installing the VDI slot on the back of the combo, yet I am not able to find it at your website anymore. Please let me know, where could I order the missing piece of puzzle, so I can utilize all of the Line6 potential there is?

I am not much of a technical guy, plus I live in Slovakia, Europe, which limits my possibilities to get proper contact with Line6... Therefore, I will be really thankful for any advice you can give me.

My very best regards,

Peter Hajdin

Re: Vetta digital interface for Vetta I. ?
by thorneven on 2010-02-23 17:55:54.3880

I believe Line6 no longer sells them so your only option is to Google.  I just did and found none for sale.  thorne

RE: Vetta digital interface for Vetta I. ?
by darealagentp on 2010-02-24 11:35:59.9620


Unfortunately we do not have the VDI available any longer. The only possiblity at this point in time would be if you were fortunate to come across a used one up for auction online (eBay).



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