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MacBook Pro user not happy.
by ballzar on 2010-02-25 16:02:12.5600

I bought a Pocket Pod in good faith, not knowing there would be a problem with Vyzex software

on my MacBook Pro.  Will this issue EVER be resolved, our should I take the loss and put the

thing on Ebay?  I went through this same thing when the Toneport first came out a few years

ago.  I bought it expecting compatability, then Line 6 sez......"oh, sorry, there are issues......"

BTW, the Toneport driver still isnt right, either.  Went through hell on my 8 Core Mac Pro just this

last month before isolating the problem to the Toneport USB connection.  I guess it's "fool me twice, shame on me."

Re: MacBook Pro user not happy.
by PsicraftTony on 2010-02-25 16:16:08.2660

Regarding the Vyzex editor - If you are having problems with the PocketPOD USB port on your MacBook Pro hardware, this is one thing the editor software can't directly address, but if the program is crashing as you say, this is a tech support issue we can resolve.

Please post a screen capture of the program when it is 'crashing': Do you get any error messages? Is there a blank screen? We need any information you can share.



Re: MacBook Pro user not happy.
by ballzar on 2010-02-26 04:48:46.7880

Tony, thanks for checking this out.  If there was a hardware issue with the MacBook Pros, shouldn't

have this been tested and caveats issued before the release of the software?  I have already

burned several hours of valuable time on getting this to work.  Anyway,

here is what I get:

MiniQuest quit unexpectedly

then, the gory details:

<Core Dump File>

Re: MacBook Pro user not happy.
by PsicraftTony on 2010-02-26 05:52:25.8310

Ballzar, the latest MacBook Pro was released after the software: We would need Doc Brown's time travelling DeLorean to do what you just suggested. We did thoroughly test the program on earlier models, which is why number of posts on this topic are relatively rare: There are over 100,000 Pocket PODs in circulation, so imagine the size of this thread if no Macbook Pro user was able to run the software.

I snipped out the core dump you posted because it was unhelpful and massive: If this thread is to be any use to other users it has to be readable.

I would like you to uninstall the program following these instructions:

Mac OS X Tiger/Leopard:

(Assuming you installed to Macintosh HD and your user name is USER)

1. Applications : Vyzex Pocket POD: Trash this application.

2. Macintosh HD : Library : Application Support : Psicraft : Vyzex Pocket POD: Trash this folder

3: USER : Library : Preferences : Sound Quest Preferences.ini : If Vyzex Instrument is your only Vyzex or Vyzor editor, then you can trash this. Otherwise open it with textedit, delete the text blocks with the headings containing Line 6 Pocket POD and then save the file on exit. This file is the software's answer to the Windows registry when running on Mac, incidentally.

4. USER : Library : Preferences : Psicraft : Vyzex Pocket POD: Trash this folder

5: USER : Documents : Psicraft : Vyzex Pocket POD: Enter this folder and trash only the Default.SQ9 file contained within. The other files in this folder (and subfolders) are your collection and any data files you may have created with the editor, so don't trash these if you value them at all.

Next, run the installer program again. The program should only allow itself to be installed on your root drive (and the root drive should have a relatively conventional name without slashed, colons or umlauts in it). Once the program is installed, try running it without the Pocket POD connected to ensure the previous crashing was not a consequence of USB port malfunction. Once the program has run successfully without PocketPOD connected, connect the Pocket POD to the USB port closest to you on the left side of the MacBook Pro as you face the screen, and run the program again.

Does this resolve your issue? Please let me know.


Re: MacBook Pro user not happy.
by ballzar on 2010-02-26 08:48:20.6570

I saw your previous post on the uninstall, and attempted that before posting here.  None of the preference files

were there, probably because the App crashed before It had a chance to build them.  I am fairly positive

there is a conflict with my MOTU midi drivers.  And there is no way I would remove them.  Have been on

Motu stuff since the late 80's, and I can count the number of troubles I've had with their software drivers and hardware

in over 20 years on less than one hand.  Can't say that about Line 6.  Forget about it anyway, I found a workaround.  Had to format

a firewire drive as a boot disk, then put an older version of the Mac OS (10.5) on it, no other audio or mid drivers,

then it ran fine.  Of course, my MacBook Pro is now running noticeably slower under Snow Leopard.  I wish there was an uninstall

for Vyzex.  I know a Mac user pointed one out to you on your company support page, you guys might wanna get it.

thanks anyway.  Hopefully 1.8 will be a better experience.

Re: MacBook Pro user not happy.
by PsicraftTony on 2010-02-26 11:58:12.4790

You are aware that the USB drivers used by Pocket POD are actually drivers supplied by Apple, right? If there is a conflict between your MOTU drivers and those that are part of the operating system I think the company to call out for a remedy would be MOTU.

Version 1.18 (or any other future version) of our application level software is not going to be able to address driver conflicts, as I am sure you must understand. As for the uninstaller advice you point out, we did look into this but the result is a command line program that runs in the terminal window, which most mac users of our editors find unfriendly and confusing. On a postitive front however, all our current Mac installers now perform the uninstall strip-out operations I described in my earlier post to you, which means the newer OEM editor products we have out can simply be re-installed to get the same effect:When an update to Vyzex PocketPOD becomes necessary, it will be released with this capability included.

Best regards,


Re: MacBook Pro user not happy.
by david950 on 2010-03-23 15:05:35.5260

For what it's worth, I was having problems with my PocketPod since Snow Leopard.  Today I installed a Monkey Update, and a Driver Update, and neither (alone) did the trick.  I found this "uninstall" solution and voila, I am back in business.

PS - I'm a "mid-2009" MacBook Pro user.

Re: MacBook Pro user not happy.
by curtislaird on 2010-04-10 18:23:35.4870

Worked perfect for me! Thank you!

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