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Cabinet Help....
by IbanezAP on 2010-03-01 14:13:52.0020

I recently purchased a vetta II head with a 412 cabinet, but i dont know what cabinet it is

i went to register my gear and i couldn't find any products with the matching serial (except a flextone product but it was a 112 cab not 412), it looks like the Line 6 Cab 412VS-B which is 240 watts, but my cabine says its "160 watts max per speaker" and "320 watts total mono"

i cant seem to find any line 6 412 cabs with an output of 320 watts, not even the vetta cabs, do you have any idea what it is??

Oh and my cab is 15 inchs deep so its not the spider cabs (which are 320watt but only 11.5 inchs deep)

the serial starts with...    "(21)CABA5........." if thats any help,

is it possible that line 6 dont make these anymore???


Re: Cabinet Help....
by thorneven on 2010-03-03 06:21:13.0660

Looks like the only 4x12 cabs sold by Line6 are these:  Maybe post a picture in this thread so someone can identify the cab?  But if Line6 no longer supports your model, there's no point in registering it... especially if you can't !  thorne

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