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Low output level of the XLR direct out on LD150
by hornermusic on 2009-03-27 19:37:05.6460

I just purchased an LD150 and patched it into my audio interface (RME Multiface) via the XLR direct output. The output level seems pretty low even with the channel vol turned all the way up on the amp. I can only get peaks of about -10 in my audio interface with a clean tone dialed in, a little hotter when I boost the drive and add compression (this is with my RME set to a -10 input level). Aren't these outputs supposed to be +4 balanced? I've also been able to reproduce the same behavior when running the XLR out into the line input of a Universal Audio M610 preamp. I have to boost everything to full to get a good healthy level.  I just want to know if this sounds right or if I'm maybe missing something with regard to the wiring of the cable (I'm using a standard mic cable into the M610 and an XLR to balanced 1/4 inch for the RME connection), how I'm interpreting "Line Level"  ect. Any thoughts you could offer would be helpful. Thanks.

Re: Low output level of the XLR direct out on LD150
by darealagentp on 2009-04-01 10:14:12.6780

The most important thing to know with the LD150's direct out is that the "Channel Volume" knob is the corresponding gain control that affects the output signal.

Line6Miller and I just did a quick test here with a passive P-Bass, LD150 running into a UX1 interface XLR jack; Ableton Live 7 as the host DAW to monitor signal level values.

The signal tended to max out @ around 0 dB with different amp models tested. The "Clean" model initially gave a lower output signal, but we maxed out the Channel Volume to 10 and Ableton registered the signal to be around -3 dB. The "Rock" model gave us a healthy 0 dB signal level.

Please double-check to make sure that the Channel Volume is at a healthy level. The XLR direct out should be sending a line level signal on the LD150.

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