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Setting Up POD XT Live for Use in Logic 9
by sfreynolds on 2010-03-11 08:54:27.3510

Now that the good people of Line 6 have posted a download so we can use our devices with Snow Leopard I anticipate that many of us will be wanting to know how to set up our devices to record via USB in Logic Pro 9 and to get our POD patches to appear in our Logic Libraries.  I am hoping someone out there is ahead of the curve on this.

It would not be unseemly or unwelcomed to have a FAQ on this Line 6 site or in the knowledge base about how to set up PODs with Logic 9 in this post-Leopard environment.  Of course, I am content to wait until the Line 6 people return from their well-deserved, post-Snow Leopard vacations.  Thanks to them for getting it done and thanks to the beta people for working with them.

Thanks, Line 6 technical and User Group Members in advance for some guidance.

Re: Setting Up POD XT Live for Use in Logic 9
by Bigseal on 2012-10-12 02:26:52.1490

We are in support of this.  Pod XT Live transmits signals to Logic Pro 9 running on Swow Leopard.  But when one changes from A to B guitar settings for example, the Pod XT Live changes the level settings in the audio channel to +6 Db, alters the paning ramdonly from what the user has originally selected and wanted and turns on the solo buttons to yellow on other audio tracks not selected by the user.  It seems you canot have the Pod XT Live running with the Line 6 Edit as you record.  This is a design fault by Line 6. Line 6 support could not resolve the issue. They said it was an Apple Logic Pro 9 issue. I contacted Apple Logic Pro technical support who had never heard of the problem before. If it was a fault in their sofware, which they deny, they sent me a brand new box of Logic Pro 9 discs. But still the problem persits. Therefore it is a Line 6 issue and should be rectified immediately by them.

Re: Setting Up POD XT Live for Use in Logic 9
by toneman2121 on 2012-10-12 05:59:45.7650

opening a support ticket will start some action from line6.

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