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1 question 1 statement!
by Scarknuckle on 2010-03-11 15:38:00.1270

I know the answer to this probably "yes" but Are they fixing the issue of PodFarm not recognizing the KB37 is connected when I try to launch podfarm in cubase. Therefore podfarm says a device is not connected and I can't use even though it works fine in standalone mode?

Second, I love line 6 and their effects and grasp on the future of guitar sound and recording, but I find my self wondering why when I come up with such a great tone in podfarm I cannot download that same great tone to my podxt live for my live gigs! It seems to only make sense that when I am recording songs with a distinct tone, I should be able to play them live as well. Some one really needs to fix that so gear box can help me get those great tones i spent hours on in podfarm easily transferd to my xt live. I mean really? It's not like I am trying to create tones in guitar rig and transfer them to my line 6 pedal. Come on now!


Ron Bonham

RE: 1 question 1 statement!
by ricksox on 2010-03-12 15:59:28.7230


What version of POD Farm and Cubase are you using? As far as I know there is no "known" issue about POD Farm not seeing the KB37 within Cubase.

Have you tried refreshing the POD Farm plug in within Line 6 Monkey?

Also, have you tried connecting the KB37 directly to other USB ports on your computer?

To answer your second question, I believe these tone issues will be fixed in the next build of Gearbox due out next week.


Re: RE: 1 question 1 statement!
by Scarknuckle on 2010-03-12 18:12:11.9990

Thanks and Thanks! Now if I could only register my Metal Shop pack I purchased for both my Pod xtlive and my KB37! Hopefully you guys will work on this!

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