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Applying Alt Tunings
by traphillman on 2010-03-14 06:05:39.2800

I have used Workbench to load an alt tuning (1 full step down) to all the models in my Variax 600.  When I open a model in Workbench the editor for each model shows the tuning set to 1 step down.  But when I play the guitar it sounds in normal tuning.  What am I missing?

Do alt tunings only work on the Custom I and II models?

Do I have to go into my Pod xt Live and do something to get them to take effect?  I want the alt tuning to apply to all models in all amps if possible.

Thank you for your time and advice.  Scott

Re: Applying Alt Tunings
by traphillman on 2010-03-14 08:34:55.9910

I got it!  This morning I reflashed the guitar (yesterday I had reflashed my Pod xt live), saving the models already loaded yesterday.  I saved them because they were showing the alt tuning set up when I loaded them in the editor but the sound changes were not being applied to the guitar.

On the guitar I selected the Custom I position on the knob.  Then went to the editor.  The first model was in the edit window with the alt tuning reflected at the bottom of the edit window.  I pressed Enable.  I made sure to wait for the change to be loaded and for the yellow exclamation mark to appear above beside the first model button.  Then I selected the button near the top of the Edit window for the second model and repeated the Enable step for each model in the Custom 1 group.  That enabled the alt tuning for the Custom 1 models.  When I had changed all five models in the Custom I group I went to the tone locker and hit the sync button at the bottom.  All five models were saved to the guitar in about 15 seconds.  I sync'ed them one group at a time (e.g., Custom 1, T-Model, etc.) because I had had problems yesterday with some attempted updating timing out before all the changes were made.

I did the same with each of the other model groups, syncing one at a time to the guitar.

What a relief.  I have been working on Workbench and connection problems for three days.  One of the main reasons I bought the Variax was the alt tuning function, since all 550 pieces of music I play are written down a full step and it just makes everything easier.

If anyone else is having similar problems I would be happy to try to help.  Thanks, Scott

Re: Applying Alt Tunings
by traphillman on 2010-03-14 08:36:36.1810

Yes, I answered my own question. I just stumbled on the right sequence to do things after two days of failed attempts! I'm must getting too old for this 'lectric stuff! Scott

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