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Will the VDI Cable power the Variax 500 if the 1/4" is used
by Magiamusical on 2010-03-15 16:47:23.5140

I'm working in a setup with a Gk-3 and GR20 and a POD XT Live.  The thing that apparently when the 1/4" cable it overides the power from the Variax/ POD XT.

I've seen setups using the power supply with the 1/4" input but I loose the changing of the Variax guitars sounds.  Any Ideas or comments?

This is my current setup:

Variax Setup.jpg

Re: Will the VDI Cable power the Variax 500 if the 1/4" is used
by amx05462 on 2010-03-16 02:33:25.1600

the gr 20 is powering the gk pickup  so its probably sending a bit of  power to the variax   throughthe  jumper cable also the pod is powering the variav through the rj45 cable.  your best bet is to   make up a small replacement cable from the  gk  with a stereo end on the  1/4 inch end   and leave the center section disconnected. i have that same gr 20  and the gk  but im putting  the gk kit in  nistead of the clamp on pickup so ill probably run into the  same  problem.

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