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Model Packs Installation
by SCLUCAS on 2009-03-29 09:35:00.6520

I have a TonePort UX2 running on a iMAC (OSX 10.5.6).  I have both GearBox 3.7 and Pod Farm 1.0.3 installed.  I recently purchased a Triple Pack (Collectors Classics, FX Junkie and Metal Shop).  My question is basically where do the Model Packs I just purchased install on my system?  Do they install in the GearBox tones, POD Farm tones, or both applications?  Also, do the Model Packs actually download "files" on the system.  Reason I ask, is that I am seeing the following files on my system:




>Clean Guitar

>Crunch Guitar

>Gold Bundle

>>Bass Expansion

>>Collectors Classics

>>Featured Effects

>>FX Junkie

>>Gold Amp with Gold Effects

>>Metal Shop

>>PODxt and PODxt Pro Factory Bank

>>PODxt Live Factory Bank

>>Power Pack

>Heavy Guitar


>Xtra Tones

Note: All the folders and files under Gold Bundle are full, meaning there are files for every bundle pack, even the ones I have not purchased.  The files are all dated Nov. 6, 2008.  I honestly don't know how I got all of these.  I only purchased Collectors Classics, FX Junkie and Metal Shop, and activated this packs on Friday, March 27th. I don't see any files dated March 27th, which lead me to believe that perhaps the model packs I just purchased weren't installed weren't installed in the correct location?




>Other Instruments



Note:  I dodn't see any folders or files under POD Farm for Model Packs or Bundles as I do under GearBox.

Just want to clarify if an experts out there can explain if things look correct on my system, and if in fact the Model Packs I just purchased are installed properly, and in the right location?  Also, why would I have files for bundles or packs that I have not purchased already?  Is this normal?  Are there any issues with this?  Are these files just installed by default, and only activated when you actually purchase these packs in the future?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Re: Model Packs Installation
by punkinnit on 2009-03-29 10:23:19.3890


The model pack licenses are held in your L6 hardware.

And whatever licenses you have in your hardware are then activated in your software GB or PF.


Re: Model Packs Installation
by SCLUCAS on 2009-03-29 11:22:16.8670

Thanks Mick.  Based on your response then, why do I have "files" installed on my PC for all the Model Packs (including those I purchased, and those I have not)?  I guess I don't completely understand how Model Packs are installed. You're saying they are installed on the hardware.  Then why are these files also installed on my MAC?  Sorry if this is something simple that I just don;t understand yet.  I'm a NEWB!



Re: Model Packs Installation
by punkinnit on 2009-03-29 12:09:13.1560


All the model packs are included in the GB and PF software but are not active until you purchase a license to use them and activate them in L6 Monkey.

The license is held in your hardware which the software reads from and activates the model packs according to what licenses are held.

This means you can move your hardware to different computers and still have access to the same model packs.

There is only one software download (GB PF ect) which encompasses all the different hardware.


Re: Model Packs Installation
by SCLUCAS on 2009-03-30 06:36:04.1670

Thanks. I think I got it now!


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