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Pocket pod update
by yvesffr on 2010-04-01 14:59:58.6260


I got a pocket pod with firmware 1.0. I would like to update it with the firmware 1.01 available on your site.

However, monkey 1.33 doesn't offer a pocket pod choice when starting.

How do I update my pocket pod ?



Re: Pocket pod update
by yvesffr on 2010-04-02 10:18:28.8420

forget it, I had a bad driver on my pc, pocket pod updated nicely.


Re: Pocket pod update
by Line6Hugo on 2010-04-07 17:45:26.0640

Glad you got the problem sorted out.



Re: Pocket pod update
by khushalbhadra on 2010-07-29 11:50:33.9060

Well I am from India and just got a new pocket Pod and it seems its recommended to update the firmware to 1.01. How am I supposed to do it. Is there a video tutorial, I am really scared to do it coz I saved alot of money to get this. Help me out guys.

Re: Pocket pod update
by adam0001 on 2010-12-28 04:54:15.0820

dont select a device. u need to plug your pocket pod into ur computer first, then start up monkey and it will automaticly recognise it. i had the same problem lol.

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