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by Dobie40 on 2010-04-02 05:48:42.9360

So, is there a fix for the overheating issues with the HD147? Pretty crappy that my Spider 3 head is more reliable than this HD147.

The head will get hot after about 20 minutes at high volume and shut off for a couple of minutes. The volume will slowly come back up. The heat sinks are almost too hot to touch. My outlets are good so not a power problem. Im running 8 ohms into a Line6 stereo cab. Any fix for this problem?


by AParedes on 2010-04-05 17:44:02.4170

Are you sure that the setting you are using is a 8 ohm setting (instead of a 4 ohm mono for example?) Which Line 6 cabinet are you using? Are you running stereo or mono? Have you tried another cabinet to see if that changes anything?

Please see the following link for more amp and cabinet trouble shooting:

Amp Troubleshooting

Cabinet Connection and Ohm F.A.Q.

Video Tutorial: Line 6 Head and Cabinet Connections

If you are still having trouble you will want to take your unit for service:

Product Repair

by Dobie40 on 2010-04-05 18:55:17.8300

I think the cabinet is a 412S. There is no model # I can see on the cab. Been playing for 30 years and a line6 customer for 10. I have the amp set to 8 ohms as that's what the cab calls for when running stereo.  I will try again tomorrow as that's our next rehearsal. Then I'll know fo sure. I will start off with my original cab and settings, maybe this time, not so close to the wall and if that dosen't work, I will try a different cab.

This cab shows no problems with the spider 3 HD150. Different animal, I know.

Hate to get off thread topic too but the spider 3's "insane" setting has a much better sound than the HD147. The spiders insane has a cleaner bottom end. I tried cabinet bypass on the HD147 and went through all the cabinet settings  and the insane Im used to is just not right with this sounds decent at bedroom volume but anything over 4 or 5 will just distort the cab. If you back off the bass then it sounds like a transistor radio. I played with channel volume, compression, drive and no matter what I do, the spider just sounds better. Maybe the cab cant handle the HD147? I am using the same cab that came with the spider head. Sounds like maybe I need a better cab.

I want to keep the amp as I have owned the spider 1,2 and 3 series and the flextone so I stepped up to the HD147 and so far, I was expecting more. It's jazzed up with features and a cool light but the sound is not good at high volumes IMHO. Is it just me? Anybody out there play at high volumes and experience the same issues? I play at about 7 o'clock on the dial so it's loud. I really hate the fact that Line6 went with a cabinet simulator on this amp. I think all cabinet sims suck. Even the cab bypass dosent seem to bring out it's true sound.  I know, there are players out there that want all the bells and whistles but cab simulators? Not for me I guess.

Anyway, that's my gripe. Thanks for the help Andy

by AParedes on 2010-04-06 14:15:36.7720


The 412S has a unique configuration, with "stereo" 16 ohm, 8 ohm mono, stereo 4 ohm, and 2 ohm mono. Have you check the cabinet with a meter to ensure the ohm loads are the same as the label? a bad speaker can throw the ohm load off and potentially damage the head. You may want to try running the head and cabinet at 16 ohm stereo to see if this makes a difference. If this is the Spider II cab the ohm load is 8 (with speaker cables coming out of each side of the power amp), but it would be a good idea to check the cab ohm loads either way. Let us know what you find.

by rodschlock on 2010-04-14 07:31:13.9620

i totally agree with the insane on the hd147 being shitay to put it mildly.i hate it. but i do love the hd147 especially at loud big boy volumes. i say try another cab and don't even start with the insane cause it sounds to me like somehow something went horribly wrong with that model. at least on mine it does. try the bomber uber.  treb and prescence below 5 mids between 6-8, bass 5 or anywhere you want. the drive is good anywhere from 6-max. i always end up at 10 with it. crank the channell volume up to 11. if you add a bit of the compressor through the midi tweaks mines around 21/6 it really puts some hair on them balls. personally i haven't been able to get my master volume past 5. it's unbelievable.thers almost a sweet spot it seems like around 3 where it just starts getting better and better the higher you go. kinda like a tube amp sounding better the louder it is. i fucking love it. my cab is a randall warhead w/vintage 30's and i got it wired up for 4ohms stereo. the 1st time i cranked it up i was using th same cab in mono @ 8ohms. even w/the compressor up a bit it didn't really cut it. i had the master pretty much pegged around 9. soon as i wired it up for 4ohms stereo it is scary fucking loud. and i love loud. i play a dean epv and an ltd ec-1000 both w/emg 81s'  i don't know if you've already tried all the amps or not. i got the impression the insane was the one you were trying to shape. and i'm pretty sure there's no way to get that sounding good i have a spyder 2 and the insane is insane. like it's name it's what you would expect. i was a bit freaked out by the hd147's insane at 1st. then realized i had 31 more models to try. the other one that is good be da big buttom. it was my favorite when i 1st got it. it seems a lot of people use it as their main metal tone. i only use those two the bomber and the big bottom. thats it. i've tried and tried w/ the treadplate, the criminal, the insane, and there's a couple others i can't think of. that just never sound quite right.there's tons of great cleans you can get too which is'nt even that important to me. but it is nice to have a clean channel for once. i mainly play 80's- 90's thrash metal kreator/slayer all that good shit. i couldn't be happier w/this amp. so far, so what.     

by Dobie40 on 2010-04-18 10:14:18.6300

Thanks for all the info bro. I will need to find the right cab. I was running Line6's spider cab in stereo at 8 ohms but my peavey mono cab with sheffield 1290s sounded better. Although, no significant improvement. So the best route would be to find a good cab and have it setup in 4 ohm stereo? Im assuming your HD147s output is  4 ohm too? Because I dont have the head right here in front of me, tell me the cab setting I should try again? The cab setting always kills me and the cab bypass sounds like total crap imho. I like it heavy with bottom end but I want it to cut thru without distorting out. My rhythem player has a warhead half stack which is all stock with no mods and with my current setup, I damn near have to go to 10 on the channel and master to keep up with him. It does sound like all my problems are with my cab. Im going to find the right cab and try setting it up in 4 ohms stereo and see what happends. Hopefully the same results you got. Thanks bro

by rodschlock on 2010-04-19 06:48:06.8570

i used to have a peavey similar to what your talking about. with the sheffields. that's probably why you're getting so pieced about the cab mods. when i set the cab bypass on mine it sounds kinda dumpy too. i use the vintage 30's setting even though that's what i got in my cab. it really should sound the same as the bypass but it's not even close. i'm not sure why the spider cab would sound so bad. i had a warhead half stack just like your rhythm player and. you should be smokeing that thing. i'm still using the warhead cab. but the head i gave away for nothing after i got the hd147. paid just over a grand for the warhead. i got the hd147 for 425 on ebay. i gave the warhead to someone i didn't really even know for $0. check this out. when i finally got the cab wired up right and got my whole setup somewhere where i could crank er up. the speaker cables going into the cab would blow out of the jacks. thats how loud these fuggers are. i thought just one of the jacks was probably wore out cause they are plastic and all. (but they never came out when i had the warhead plugged in). it was pretty annoying every time the cable blew out. so i decided for a quick fix to tape the bastege down. all taped down i really got to crank it for a minute or two anyway. then the other one started blowing out. i ended up buying some locking jacks and now they are locked in and i couldn't even imagine there will be a need for the master to be over 5 ever. u gotta tweak the settings with line 6 edit too.if you haven't done that yet i highly recommend it. good luck man i hope you get to hear the thing sound like it should. let me know how it turns out.

by Dobie40 on 2010-05-05 08:30:19.1840

Hey bro,

Well I hooked it up to a randall 412 (not a warhead) and that cab is 4ohms stereo. I set the head to 4 ohms stereo and volume is good. But sound still sucks. Cant get a good, heavy, "grind" type distortion out of this thing. I kept going back to the insane setting cause thats the setting I always used on my spiders. That being said, it gives you an idea of the sound I want. I can try your settings but again, what cab sim are you useing?  I tried for a good while last night with all the distortions and cab settings and everything i did sounded muddy. All my palm mute stuff just sounded like crap. I took this to a show and the sound man asked me to cut out some of the distortion. Freakin embarassing. Never had an issue with the spider on stage other than being, well, a spider. Help a bro out man cause Im about ready to scrap this thing. Im included a myspace link to my band. Live videos to see and hear the sound I prefer. Done with a video cam so sound distorts at high volumes.Sorry for the quality.  In the vids, Im stage right running thru my spider 3 halfstack.

by rodschlock on 2010-05-05 18:51:05.6250

you gotta hook it up to your computer w/the midi to usb cable. use the line 6 edit and then you should be golden. heres a screen shot of what one of my favorite patches looks like. i would try the line 6 big bottom or the bomber uber to start with. i think they are the best ones. i would really stay away from the insane mode but you might be able to get it where you want with the line 6 edit.   20100505182641.jpg

by Dobie40 on 2010-05-09 06:43:20.0600

Dude, I went to GC and got the M-Audio midi-usb cable and may faith has been restored! I dialed up the sound I wanted in no time. Unbelievable difference. Nobody should own this amp without the Line6 edit software. I now know that I have the best sounding amp I have ever owned. You rock bro! If ever in D/FW, let me know, cause the shots on on me bro! Thanks!!

by rodschlock on 2010-05-09 09:17:43.3520

SWEEET! you sounded pretty frustrated man i was hoping you would stay with it.

by matteos93 on 2012-10-29 23:11:19.6160

So I've had this similar problem for about a yr now where it cuts out and sounds all crappy to where u can't even sustain a note... I actually forgot I had an account, and also forgot about these forums. But with that being said, I think I figured out what was wrong with my HD147, and Just wanted some confirmation by anyone who would know a lil bit more about this than I. I came to a conclusion that its my power PCB and heat sink. When I had 1st got the head a lil over 3 yrs ago. It was amazing.. But me not knowing shit about any wattages and ohms. I know I jacked it up pretty bad.

I played it out of a shitty ibanez cab rated at 200 watts which I thought was good .. So I kept it a 16 ohms..

But now that I know a lil more than what I did before. I wanted to see if playing it out of another shittier cab by fender rated at 300 watts would help.. I plan on upgrading big time soon but for now I just wanted to see if this will do. Since the head is 300 watts

Can anyone tell me how much it would cost to repair it, knowing that its the PCB and heat sink.. So I'll know how much to save up >_<


by matteos93 on 2012-10-29 23:44:25.3340

Also, what would be a perfect set up to get the maximum sound of my head and speakers

Because I'm still trying to Grasp the whole understanding of mono and stereo.

The set up I have now is the head is at 4 ohms with 2 speaker cables coming from the mono side to a cab that is rated at 8 ohms and has two speaker cable connections.

It says its rated at 300 watts but I'm not sure what ohms it would be.. I'm hoping its would be more that 8 ohms or so.

Keep in mind that I would want the fullest that my amp can run without damaging it once I get it repaired.

I play it only on the insane settings cuz the genre requires it lol. So I need some balls to add to it. If I haven't already

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