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Line 6 echo pro rack-mount (frm Ben Clacy Bassist)
by benthebassman on 2010-04-07 03:12:31.0160

Hi, i got a line 6 'Echo Pro '(RACK-MOUNT)  and had it for years ,, but i've never been able to use the 'Damn thing cause no one knows where i can get a midi pedal for it!

did there used to be a pedal that 'Line 6; made for this unit especialy?   or do you have to get a 'shit one like KORG or Beringer or What-eva??


i would rarther have the Pedal that was ment for this unit, but where do you get them from ??...somthing that looks like the FL4 pedal ...if that works?

Any suggestions Where i can get one midi pedal??

Re: Line 6 echo pro rack-mount (frm Ben Clacy Bassist)
by BigChas52 on 2010-04-07 05:47:01.6690

As far as I know, Line 6 has never made a MIDI pedal that is compatible with the Echo Pro.  Third party will be your best bet.  You can start with something lik ethe Behringer FCB1010, and it goes up from there.  Sorry there isn't an easier answer.  Full instructions for interfacing with MIDI are in the EP manual

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