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How can i import wav files into a jm4 looper??
by shay1-2-3 on 2010-04-09 10:05:02.7900

I just recently bought a jm4 looper and for the most part, i know how to use it- i pretty much know all of the basic functions, but i have bought a sd card for it and the the sd card reader hooked to the computer says that there are some songs (mono wav files) on it, but when i put it in the looper it does not read them (i went to SAVE then import wav file from card, pressed the right button, used the wheel to select them  and not only does it not read them it turns off and then back on....)

RE: How can i import wav files into a jm4 looper??
by Line6Hugo on 2010-04-15 11:32:10.5740


First, please make sure that your JM4 Looper is updated to 2.09 from the Firmware Version in the SAVE menu.

If not, update from the following document:

Then, make sure your SD card has been formatted from the FORMAT CARD option in the SAVE menu.

After that, take the SD card (no bigger than 2 GB) to your computer and import your WAV file to the card. Make sure that it is a Mono 16-bit, 44.1k sample rate audio file.

Take the card back to the JM4 and choose Import WAV File From Card in the SAVE menu.



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