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AX2 repair parts or advice?
by luckjt on 2010-04-10 13:12:08.2380

Are there still PC boards available for the AX2? I've used this quite a lot and have great results with it. Reciently it doesn't seem to have the bite or sustain it use to. I've had it to a tech and he hadn't a clue. Can anyone help me as to what may be wrong?

Thanks guys.

RE: AX2 repair parts or advice?
by darealagentp on 2010-04-14 10:49:33.6240


Thanks for asking... unfortunately we no longer have any AX2 boards available. The only sources at this point would be new old stock amplifiers (if a music store near you has never sold an AX2 that might be sitting in their inventory), or if you come across a user selling their amp on eBay.



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