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vyzex editor
by ivagio on 2010-04-11 09:44:15.0460

I have installed new version, but now  the editor doesn't display nothing of pocket pod programs and user's bank

my mac's display shows  sq error reader configuraton file and there are no drives...

with the old version my pocket and vizex are ok but now i cannot see nothing of the vyzex...

what can i do ?  thanks in advance......for eventually answers and explications....

Re: vyzex editor
by PsicraftTony on 2010-04-11 12:19:23.2700

I suspect your old version configurations are conflicting with the new installation. Perform these steps and then re-install the program.

Mac OS X Tiger/Leopard:

(Assuming you installed to Macintosh HD and your user name is USER)

1. Applications : Vyzex Pocket POD: Trash this application.

2. Macintosh HD : Library : Application Support : Psicraft : Vyzex Pocket POD: Trash this folder

3: USER : Library : Preferences : Sound Quest Preferences.ini : If Vyzex Instrument is your only Vyzex or Vyzor editor, then you can trash this. Otherwise open it with textedit, delete the text blocks with the headings containing Line 6 Pocket POD and then save the file on exit. This file is the software's answer to the Windows registry when running on Mac, incidentally.

4. USER : Library : Preferences : Psicraft : Vyzex Pocket POD: Trash this folder

5: USER : Documents : Psicraft : Vyzex Pocket POD: Enter this folder and trash only the Default.SQ9 file contained within. The other files in this folder (and subfolders) are your collection and any data files you may have created with the editor, so don't trash these if you value them at all.

Next, run the installer program again. The program should only allow itself to be installed on your root drive (and the root drive should have a relatively conventional name without slashed, colons or umlauts in it). Once the program is installed, try running it without the Pocket POD connected to ensure the previous crashing was not a consequence of USB port malfunction. Once the program has run successfully without PocketPOD connected, connect the Pocket POD to the USB port closest to you on the left side of the MacBook Pro as you face the screen, and run the program again.

Does this resolve your issue? Please let us know!


Re: vyzex editor
by berisha on 2010-04-18 21:52:37.9050

how can i adjust my wah wah with vyzex , please help me about that i have a line6 flor pod plus, and i have dawnload the Vyzex Floor POD Plus v2.01 but i don;t know woh to adjust the wah wah pedal.

Re: vyzex editor
by ivagio on 2010-04-25 03:09:20.2410

Thank you so much Tony for your help !

I have read your instructions and i have download again the vyzex editor but the problems are the same....exactly the same.

I have tried into all hd of my Imac  , I have cancelled all...but nothing to do.

The old version that i have installed when i buy pocket pod plays regular 6 months ago but now all is crashed.

Perhaps i'm not too into technology, perhaps i must trash pocket pod ...programs too complicated, i have lost many many hours trying to play the programs...

In every way thanks for your support...



Re: vyzex editor
by PsicraftTony on 2010-04-25 03:21:52.7940

Ivagio, before you give up - Did you rename your root drive to anything unusual (other than Macintosh HD)? We have found that unconventional drive root names can cause problems with Vyzex installations on Mac.

Please let us know,


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