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Improved Cable Design For XDR95 Wireless Transmitter...
by deanplmr on 2010-04-15 16:31:49.2470

Hello Line-6 Support,

I have redesigned the cable and input connector on my XDR95 Wireless Transmitter. I had been experiencing constant problems with it with the cable breaking and losing audio signal, or getting noisy. It got to the point where even slight movements while playing caused cutting out and scratching noise and static coming from the wireless system. I had ordered new cables to correct this issue but soon, the new ones would fail as well. I cannot tolerate such noise during a performance.

To correct this issue, I redesigned the cable and input connector on the transmitter with a BNC RF type connector (please see attached image). The system is now totally noiseless no matter how much I move during a performance. And the BNC is very rugged. The Push On & Twist feature makes them extremely secure. They cannot become disengaged once locked in place. I have used this type of connector scheme for many years and they always stand up very well. I think it even looks better too.


I'd like to suggest the product be redesigned with a similar connector scheme because the XDR Wireless System is an excellent product only to be flawed by this most annoying cable problem. I am sure other users would appreciate this as a more rugged and reliable solution.

If you'd like more information or wish to know what steps I took to do this, please feel free to contact me at:

NOTE: The average user will NOT have the correct tools and knowledge to make this level of a modification! And as you are aware, the internal circuit board is very ESD sensitive and can be destroyed by improper handling. Wrist straps and an approved ESD Safe work bench must be used.

(Yes - I'm an engineer at my day job!)

Thank you.

Dean Palmer

Queen Creek, Arizona

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