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Search For The Grail, in Reverse
by timemachine23 on 2010-04-16 02:20:45.1630

First, the nature of my dilemma.

My favorite Echo Effect is one I had to create for myself. Years ago I had an Electro Harmonix 16 Second Delay, which I hot rodded with direct taps to the Forward/Reverse switch on the back, so I could turn those impossible to reach switches in to a foot friendly version. Then I took it a step further by creating a sweep pedal that tapped in to the delay tap slide potentiometer, and built the Forward/Reverse Switch in to it too, so without ever having to do anything more than sweep the pedal rocker, I could select anything from short slap backs to extended phrases, and then by pressing just a bit harder, I could toggle between forward and reverse.

To the uninnitiated, this may not sound like much, but the fact is, there is no other system around that can do that, especially since the usual "Reverse Effect" is just an "always on" unpredictable sample and hold reverse blending, typically with a short delay involved, not suited to "on the fly" loops where you want the echo reverse to come back over the top of what you just played straight, and timed to coincide with the actual duration of the meter, where you might even want to play a 4 bar lead before the whole thing comes gliding backwards, still in time with your playing. It's absolutely addicting, to be able to change directions at will, and at different lengths that are as easy to count out as tapping your foot, when your mind is on being creative, because it comes out sounding like it was done with a lot of effort in a studio that way, not the preset style one-size-fits-all reverse everyone else gets, which is really haphazard and a lot more unpredictable, and even less musical.

There are some things I would not expect my delay pedal invention to do on any other box, like being able to go from a nice close slap playing leads, and then by gliding on out to a long delay while hitiing reverse, have the whole length of what you could loop be available to play in reverse at the new longer delay tap while you play new leads over the top of it. However, it seems to me, that quite possibly for the first time, this M9 pedal may just come really close to doing the same thing. I guess the most important thing to me is being able to control the forward and reverse selection at will, even with a single phrase, or with adjustable loop decays; a Real Choice between Forward and Reverse, so when you hit reverse, it folds backward from the point you flipped it. If I'm reading the specs right, this M9 could be set up for at least 2 different basic delay settings, one at each end of the effect you want to select at each end of the sweep on the pedal rocker, and if the loop functions available on the face switches remain available as well, and the reverse is a true foldback, then I should be able to finally get my favorite real time live long distance reverse tape effect.

That's what I need to verify. If there is any way anyone can confirm this for me, then I've found my Grail. I probably don't need to tell you how rare and expensive those old EH 16 Second Delays are. And for anyone who has heard all the other "Reverse" pedals, you don't know what you're missing. If the M9 has "true reverse" control, it's a Standout, and the best of the bunch. I really need to know.


Re: Search For The Grail, in Reverse
by zotglen on 2010-04-20 12:51:40.2680

Wow, that seems cool!

The basic thing of going from normal delay to backwards delay is easy, put a regular delay in slot one and a reverse delay in slot two. Set it so the mix of the reverse is at 0 when you have your expression pedal in heel position and the mix of your normal delay set to 0 when it's in toe position. adjust feedback to match your rocker pedal and you'd be good to go. you can set the expression pedal to adjust several parameters on one FX slot so in theory it should be doable.

The thing about the reverse delay is that the repeats still has some regular repeats in it IIRC, I seldom use it because of that. but it's worth looking into one more time.

I really need to try this out with my m13, it's at my studio right now but I'll have a check next time I'm there!

Thanks for sharing your idea!


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