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Can I record with the backtrack via a mixer?
by lills99 on 2010-04-16 04:02:00.0790

I have just purchased a BackTrack and a Mixer, from the internet, and was hoping to record with the backtrack my band playing some of my stuff. I have heard you have to press the 'mark' button to save the recorded stuff. But will the BackTrack record the whole song?? I have other questions ready..

Thanks in advance!!

RE: Can I record with the backtrack via a mixer?
by Line6Hugo on 2010-04-21 08:25:58.7510


You can connect a 1/4" output from the mixer into the Backtrack to record audio. The Backtrack will record all audio that is loud enough to be picked up by the unit depending on how sensitive you set it for recording. All recordings go into either a 'Marked' or 'UnMarked' folder on the Backtrack. So, if you record something you would like to keep or go over later, press the 'Mark' button to put it into the 'Marked' folder, if not, it will be stored in the 'UnMarked' folder.



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