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Problems Enabling Riffworks Line6 Edition
by wennec on 2010-04-19 14:08:20.5920

Hi Guys, I am having the same problem with the Monkey that a number of Line6 customers seem to have had before me; namely I can't get it to activate a product I've purchased. In my case it's Riffworks Line6 Edition. I transferred the license when I upgraded the OS on my PC from Windows Vista to Windows 7 64-bit and have had to wait until now to get compatible versions of the Line6 products that work with that OS.

Now that the Win7 versions are available I'd like to get everything back up and working, but cannot for the life of me get the Monkey to activate Riffworks. I've tried disabling the Windows firewall and my AV software. I've removed all possible USB devices and made sure no external USB hubs were connected. I've tried the 'refresh' method in the Moneky. I've tried clicking on the "Free RiffWorks2" button on the Moneky. I've tried pasting the activation key into the "Activate Purchase" window....but in all cases I get the same timeout error (or occasionally an HTTP 500 error).

Line6 Error.jpg

I think you guys can activate the product for me at your end; is this the case?

Either way, I really need to get this working and would really appreciate your help in this matter.

Re: RE: Problems Enabling Riffworks Line6 Edition
by darealagentp on 2010-04-23 11:20:32.6510


  I think you're problem is a multi-layered one.

  1. Riffworks 2 Line 6 Edition won't run on Windows 7. I double-checked (see screenshot).

  2. Sonoma Wireworks are the creators/owners of the RiffWorks software program. In the past, we had special licenses for a special version of the program (Riffworks 1 and Riffworks 2 Line 6 Edition), but these programs will only run on XP and Vista operating system environments, only.

  3. You might need to try installing the Riffworks 2 Line 6 Edition license I see in your account from a different host computer/internet connection service location. If you've tried all direct USB ports and they all fail, please try a different host computer next (if possible). If that machine fails, it could be your Internet Service Connection.

  4. At this point, the only version of Riffworks available is the Riffworks Standard 2.5 program, which is available directly from Sonoma Wireworks, website. This version no longer requires you to install a license into a Line 6 USB device; it's just a standard software program that uses a serial number entered during program installation.

  Hope my suggestions helped answer your question. Sorry that you're going through some hardships getting setup, but you won't be able to run Riffworks 2 Line 6 Edition on a Windows 7 computer at the very least. You'll need to have an XP or Vista machine and you may need to try installing the Riffworks 2 license into your GuitarPort from a different computer/location, too.



Re: RE: Problems Enabling Riffworks Line6 Edition
by deanthebean_29 on 2011-09-12 10:11:12.6470

I am also having problems with my Riffworks 2 Line 6 Edition. I have downloaded the License Manager, activated my guitarport and when i try to run riffworks, it tells me it's out of date then continues to run in demo mode.

any help would be greatly appreciated, an email to should get to me!!1

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