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DL4 malfunction
by mjkl on 2010-04-24 03:15:56.1130


My DL4 has suddenly stopped working.  I plugged it into the power supply last night, the lights flashed as normal...  and then nothing.  It bypasses the signal okay, but basically it's just died for no reason.  Please advise.


Mark Lawrence

RE: DL4 malfunction
by AParedes on 2010-04-28 09:36:09.1770


Please see the following link for trouble shooting:

Troubleshooting Line 6 Modeling (four-button stomp) and Tonecore pedals

If you are still having problems you will need to contact Line 6 UK for repair information:

Product Repair

Re: RE: DL4 malfunction
by mjkl on 2010-09-14 16:22:21.6200


Do I need to send some paperwork or anything else with my pedal to get it repaired?

Re: DL4 malfunction
by TalkEnd on 2010-10-02 09:43:43.9410

Does anyone else find it odd that many, many, many people seem to have troubles with their delay pedals just dying out of nowhere (myself included), and all we get told is to see the troubleshooting page or are given a support ticket? Being such a common trouble, wouldn't anyone in charge know the answer to, or at least how to deal with, such an issue? It seems like the problem just gets pushed under the rug.

Re: DL4 malfunction
by mjkl on 2010-10-02 10:54:19.9710

I have to say, I'm not very happy that my well-looked-after pedal just died like that.  I wouldn't be happy if I kicked my pedal regularly and it died.  It's meant to be designed to take that kind of use.  As a contrast, my old Boss CE2 (weather beaten and very well used) still works like a dream, and it must be 20-25 years old or so...

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