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Spider IV
by captkm on 2010-04-26 11:34:56.0460

Would the Spider IV 75 or 120(in your opinion) be an upgrade from my AX212?

Thank you,


Re: Spider IV
by bluebluetones on 2010-04-26 12:34:12.0650


It has been quite a few years since I owned my first Line 6 product, the AX212 (which I was very fond of), so I am a little foggy on remembering all of the features...but I think most readers here would agree that going to the Spider IV would be an upgrade.

The big difference would be in the timbres (or sound quality of the modelled amplifiers).  The AX212 is quite a few generations old, while the Spider IV is using Line 6's latest interpretations of their classic amps and all of the improvements that go along with it.  You will likely find the Spider IV more life-like, more responsive and musical, and the way the amps "break-up" to be more accurate and flattering.  The Spider IV 75 will obviously be a bit quiter than the AX212.

If you are a real "twiddler", or like to fool around with different things, you will loose a bit leaving the AX212.  If I remember right, with the AX212 you have the option of selecting different speaker cabs (which have a lot to do with the tone of your amps).  The AX212 had a very complete and flexible way of dealing with effects.  You can get:

- Several distortion effects (correct me if I am wrong?)

- A panning effect with the tremelo (I miss when using my Rhodes!)

- global EQ's and pre-post inputs for using external effects.

- I believe there were more amp options?

- a dedicated input jack with it's own level knob (and let's not forget the all important level knob for your guitar - very handy!)

...all of these features are not on the new Spider IV.  If I could make a couple of improvements to the Spider IV it would include user-switchable cabinet modelling, and Pre/Post in outs. (and a new univibe!)  But, if you update the Spider IV to the 1.52 firmware, you will get a ton of great effects that will leave almost nothing to desire (except the Univibe...heh, heh.) You won't be missing your AX212 with the 1.52 upgrade!  And as far as amp models go, there are 16 to choose from so you have a lot of choices.

Try one out. You may prefer the sound of your AX212, as it is still a very useable and relevant amp.  But my guess is that after you try to Spider IV you will find the AX212 to feel a bit stiff and lifeless. (I hope I don't get criticized for that)

Bottom line is you loose some features with the Spider IV but gain a lot more realism and soulful tone!

Re: Spider IV
by captkm on 2010-04-26 13:28:15.6970

You nailed the AX212 pretty well.  I will check out the Spider IV and see how it sounds.  I have liked what I heard online with the demos.  Thanks.

Re: Spider IV
by okelliheru2 on 2010-04-27 06:26:02.0100

I just bought a spider iv 120 to replace my AX2 212.  It is worth it.  Not only for the obvious reasons but that it is also lighter and easier to carry.  I love the spider so much I bought a Spider iv 75.

The only thing that the spider doesn't have that I wish it would is the ability to use a overdrive or distortion with compression.  On the AX2 you can do that.  Other than that it's awesome.

Re: Spider IV
by bluebluetones on 2010-04-27 06:59:27.8870

Hey Okelliheru2,

Glad you like the Spider IV so much...I am toying with the idea of picking up a Spider III 75 for fooling around with, just for the different tones it offers.  It's a very punchy sounding amp too.

Good point about the compressor/overdrive issue.  The AX212 was a bit more flexible in terms of effects options.  Incidentally, I have not let this bother me, as I use the compressor from Effect #1 on the Spider IV, and then get my drive or crunch from the lovely amp models!  I have had great fun using some of the higher gain options (ie insane, Metal) but with lower drive settings for some very bluesy tones.  My current fave is insane green with the drive about 9 0'clock or so....maybe a bit higher?  It's very cool, and I get my compression as well. (cake and eat it too?)

Not too crazy about the new tubescreamer model...too much mid-added for my taste...wish there was a straight ol' plain overdrive pedal model without added color.  The Killer Z model is too wooly and furry for me as well.

We sure have come a long way with amps in the past 5 years, I really shouldn't moan.  When I think of the tone I had to put up with using inexpensive solid-state stuff in the 80' always sounded like I was playing inside a toilet bowl!

Re: Spider IV
by captkm on 2010-04-27 07:26:22.1290

Hey guys the replys have been helpful...thanks!  I am going over to Guitar Center to try out a Spider IV and Spider Valve.  I hope the tones are more realistic than the AX212.  I have played with some guys that were using tube amps; Fender, Crate RFX, Marshall and the difference in tone was amazing and I could not duplicate it with my AX.  I am hoping I can get somewhat close with the Spider.  I need the versatility of a modeling amp to go from clean to crunch to overdrive with the touch of a button.  How is the punch from the Spider IV 75 as compared to the Spider IV 212?

Thanks for all the posts!


Re: Spider IV
by bluebluetones on 2010-04-27 08:52:37.1480

Hi again,

If you want the amp to go from clean to crunch, then from crunch to drive, etc. while playing live, you will need to invest in a MkII foot controller.  These are good investments, in that they allow you to update the firmware in the Spider IVs.  (And to get the latest free update 1.52 which is absolutely necessary!)

Anyone else know about the sonic differences of a single 12" speaker as opposed to 2 x 12"?  I have always been instantly impressed with the single 12" - it appears to be a bit more focused a sound?  But, in the case of a solid state amp, I always go for the highest wattage in order to compete with any tube brothers.  I have been very happy with the Spider IV 150.

I too would be curious to hear what players think are the differences in sound between the Spider IV 75, 120, and 150.

Re: Spider IV
by captkm on 2010-04-27 11:39:24.6320

I just tried out the Spider IV 210 and the Spider IV Bogner 75.  You can definetly here the tubes in the Bogner!  The volume goes from off to ON!!  The 75 watts is strong.  The Spider IV 210 has some good tone to it as well.  It had some responsive twang sounds and the distortion wasn't nasaly.  The clean sounds are brighter than the AX212 for sure.  The guy at Guitar Center (in his opinion) prefers the Line 6 over the Peavey simply because Line 6 is the forerunner in amp modeling.  I didn't play the Vypyr this go around.  Any Line 6 guys have any opinions about the Vypyr?


Re: Spider IV
by bluebluetones on 2010-04-27 12:21:07.4420

Hi again,

I have an opinion about the Vypyr!  If you want one, try the actual Vypyr you are buying first and listen carefully.

The only opportunity I had to buy one, I ened up feeling so bummed.  I loved the Vypyr amp models because they were a whole other feel of tones and sounds...I just love the variety.  It's not as important to me that an amp sounds exactly like a Marshall, I just like variety.

BUT...  as I played the Vypyr, and strummed a chord and let it decay naturally, there was this odd whirring noise-gate-like sound at the end of all the models.  As a careful consumer, I checked out the Peavey forums and I was on it for hours reading about people trying to come to grips with "metallic whirring" noises and "Strange Hisses"...I think they are all hearing what I heard.  The official response from Peavey, as far as what I could gather, was that this hissy noise-gate was a limitation of the technology, and it's the best they could do for the costs involved at their end.

Now I realize that reading the help-forums (Line 6's included) might make a buyer wary, as you typically see people writing with problem after problem about their amps.  Might scare a lot of us away, but I found an unusually large number of posts regarding problems about strange Vypyr noises.

I don't know if they have fixed this problem or not, but please listen carefully before purchasing.  I loved the Vypyr tones, and price, but this noise gate or modelling hiss was beyond unacceptable.

Re: Spider IV
by captkm on 2010-04-27 13:58:52.3250

I don't think I would like the noise gate whirly bird trail off either!!  Thanks for the tips.  If anyone else has comments on the AX212 VS Spider IV I would love to hear them.  Thanks guys,


Re: Spider IV
by okelliheru2 on 2010-04-28 07:37:34.3660

I agree.  You need the MKV Shortboard II  to utilize all that the spider iv's have to offer.  As far as the spiders vs. the spider valves I can tell you, without even listening to a spider valve before, it will be much better than the solid state spider iv's.  If you are a "tube snob" than that is the amp for you.  If you are in a cover band or play in front of people who can't tell the difference save your money and get the spider iv solid state.

Re: Spider IV
by danalton on 2013-03-14 16:07:16.0380

Where can I find the manual for a AX212??

Re: Spider IV
by fflbrgst on 2013-03-15 10:15:28.9810

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.