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No playback output to KB37 unless Pod Farm is launched first?
by acmpod on 2010-04-27 18:31:15.0830

Hey Gang, I'm setting up a new laptop and noticing some weirdness that I wanted to run by the community:

Initially I was getting no output to my KB37, using either Sonar or Windows Media Player. I'm just talking about audio playback here - playing my guitar through Pod Farm works fine.

After lots of experimenting, I found that Sonar and Windows Media Center will playback audio only if I've launched Pod Farm first (the program, not the plug in). I've used the KB37 with a few different computers (running XP, Vista, and 7) and Sonar has always worked with the KB37, regardless of whether Pod Farm was running.

Has anyone seen this and know what's happening and whether there's a configuration setting that can fix this? It's not a big deal but is kind of annoying from a workflow and system resources perspective.

The laptop is a Dell 1747, Intel i7 Q820 processor, 6GB RAM running a clean install Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. I've got the latest Line6 drivers and software.

The back story is that this is a replacement for my Dell 1737 which suffered from rather poor audio performance. I have an opportunity to exchange this laptop for the old, but want to make sure I'm not trading one set of problems for another. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


RE: No playback output to KB37 unless Pod Farm is launched first?
by darealagentp on 2010-04-28 11:24:36.6620


When you launch GearBox or POD Farm in Standalone with a KB37 connected, the application will transfer default device priority to the KB37 device.

However, you can set your operating system to use the KB37 as the Default audio device in the audio settings control panel of your OS. Doing so will make the KB37 your system "soundcard" all the time, provided that it's connected.

The Windows 7 Control Panel Audio settings page is where you set the Default Output (or even Input, if you wish) to whatever available devices your system sees. Normally it's set to the built-in soundcard.



Re: RE: No playback output to KB37 unless Pod Farm is launched first?
by acmpod on 2010-04-28 11:59:32.5620

Thanks Perry, I think that's the right track but that's not exactly it. I'd already set the KB37 as default, and also tried disabling the other sound devices as a troubleshooting step. Plus the KB37 is the only ASIO device on the system recognized by Sonar.

Re: RE: No playback output to KB37 unless Pod Farm is launched first?
by darealagentp on 2010-04-29 15:53:24.1680


  It could be something with the driver behavior on Windows 7 with your particular installation/hardware host, or possibly the driver installed to this particular USB port in question.

  Without any real concrete explanation for the actual root cause just yet, I can't really tell you in good confidence to "trade" laptops.

  There is no actual configuration setting that will be able to change this behavior. Did you try a different USB port other than the one you were testing with prior to writing back? Can you try all direct USB ports with your KB37 and see if the behavior changes with any of them tested? Let us know.



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