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Any AX2 players out there??
by guitarwizzzz on 2010-04-30 20:53:41.4300

I just was turned on to this amp a month ago from a friend of mine. I was in the market for a new amp (all my gear was stolen about 8 years ago) and played through his. He had a tone that I .........well, had a spiritual moment after playing though it for a few seconds. I found one on craigs list and got it in like new condition with the original owners manual and all the paper work...........with the killer foot pedal for a steal at $250.00.

You can get ANY FREAKING TONE you want with this thing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone still running with these please post up and show respect to Line 6 for such an AMAZING AMP please.

Also share (if you will) any tips or any add on's for this amp.

I work for Guitar Center in Lake Forest Ca. and sell alot of Line 6 products because I LOVE them and believe in the company....

Thanks and ROCK ON!!!

RE: Any AX2 players out there??
by AParedes on 2010-05-04 16:05:41.2700


Glad you are happy with the amp. There are quite a few AX2 users still running the amp, but they are spread throughout the Line 6 forums. You may also want to stop by the General Discussion area:

Re: Any AX2 players out there??
by es336td on 2010-08-02 13:02:57.6060

Yep... I have one... used it exclusively live for 10 years... now the battery is dying/dead and I just use it for practice.  Talked another friend into buying one for $300. w/ Floorboard!   To me, this is the best amp ever made... yeah, they all have cool features, but the AX2 is the stuff!  I guess because I know how to run it and have mastered the editor.  A much better option than a Spider, POD 2.0 or Flextone.  More versatile...    The XT Live, X3, etc. are pretty cool units and so is the Pocket POD (which reminds me a lot of the AX2).   The Vetta is alright, but a little too much for me.  The PODs were cool, but a little too little for me.  The AX2 worked out just fine.   I have a guitar signal and a guitar synth signal in my rig, so the AUX channel came in handy.  I was able to have everything in one amp.  My biggest complaint is the size/weight.  I would love a small footprint AX2 rack or head unit that I could run on various cabinet variations.   Bottom line, if you see an AX2 out there for under $500. grab it.  Far superior to any POD, Spider, or Flextone out there.

Re: Any AX2 players out there??
by deblak on 2010-09-06 09:42:25.6450

I have two AX2 amps and love them. I have a question about midi. How do I run the amps together and control them with one floorboard and turn the effects, drive, and distortion on and off ? If anyone knows how to do it please let me know. Thanks,    Deblak

Re: Any AX2 players out there??
by es336td on 2010-09-06 10:35:48.7300

Not sure... I've run it with MIDI but with poor results.   I would say, connect the MIDI out of one AX2 to the MIDI in of the other and then the in from the original one to the out of the other.  Connect the floor board to one.   The other way is to have a complicated MIDI control system with a non standard foot controller.   Just curious, why would you want to run two together?   It would be a programming nightmare to make the do different things at the same time.   It would be cheaper and easier to invest in a Vetta to get the two different tones at once.

Re: Any AX2 players out there??
by deblak on 2010-09-06 11:46:11.9580

Hi and thanks for your reply. Not looking for two different sounds at the same time. I would like to turn on the drive and distortion and effects on both amps at the same time on the same chanel. The floorboard will change chanels on both amps but will not turn the effects, drive, distortion and wah on on both amps, only the one with the floorboard pluged in to it. The only other thing I can think of is to save user sets with what I want on the same chanel of both amps.   Deblak

Re: Any AX2 players out there??
by tumenibrother on 2010-10-29 15:06:18.0150

Good luck.  When I used the AX (before turning to the "dark" XTLive and Variax side) I would bring 2 AX2 heads with one cabinet (nice to break up the weight!), sought endlessly to get L6 to help figure out a way to either A/B the heads from the floorboard or run them both with one, but never got anywhere.  I've run into the same non-help with the variax, trying to get a functional A/B so I can run both my variax electric and acoustic through the XT Live variax jack.  I still have a picture of the setup several pages back on site.

Re: Any AX2 players out there??
by willstratify on 2011-02-14 15:10:12.2630

any suggestions on links for AX2 sound patches or settings? Can patches/settings be downloaded to the AX2 or just manually entered & tweaked?


Re: Any AX2 players out there??
by es336td on 2011-09-13 09:01:52.7910

There are some out there, but you may have to search.   I used to tweak mine with the AX2 editor by Steve ?  I then found PatchWizard which looks nice and KickAX2 which also looks nice.  The former seems a bit more functional.   I would connect it via MIDI cables to my PC with a MIDIMan 2X2.   Hope this helps.

Re: Any AX2 players out there??
by blackeagle1977 on 2011-09-22 02:36:26.0270

Yeah, it's nice to see other players who appreciate how great the AX2 really is.

I have been playing mine for the past ten years or so, and recently bought a "new" one to back-up my sounds and to ensure continued playing on the best amp ever made ! Line 6 really had their $#!+ together when they built this one.

I have bought a few L6 products since...Like the Pod XT Live and the Vetta 2 but nothing really compares to the AX2.

In my opinion, Line 6 should get back to basics and develop the technology based on the AX2 and the direction they were headed at that time. It was ahead of its time then...and still is.

Do you hear that ? Guys @ Line 6 ?!

Re: Any AX2 players out there??
by jffshphrd on 2011-10-02 10:13:23.6680

i'm on my second ax2 (if you don't count the axsys 212 in my basement). i want a new one, line 6. i picked up a spider valve mkii but it all sounded like a bogner, which is fine, but i really like fender & marshall. i took it back after a week and found my second ax2. amp models need accurate play back ... maybe line 6 should have used a mccintosh tube amp? the vettas look like they should sound good, but i stayed away from them because they looked a little daunting in a live situation. anyway, i am in total agreement on the ax2 line (r.i.p.) kudos line 6 ... bring 'em back.

Re: Any AX2 players out there??
by es336td on 2011-11-03 09:02:12.2840

Definitely... a reissue with updated technology?   Maybe a head you can put on your own cabinets?   I can dream can't I?

Re: Any AX2 players out there??
by Anjthrax on 2012-08-27 18:13:17.7450

I've been jamming on the same AX2 since 1998 when they first came out in New Zealand (it's done 1000's of shows and mileage both there and here in Australia when I re-located in 2002) Without a doubt, the best damn amp I ever laid my hands and ears upon. The amount of sounds and effects along with the most user friendly set-up blew me away when I opened the box and read the manual for like 5 minutes!! For the past 14 years I've been blowing the minds of friends, family, colleagues and Marshall, Peavey and Fender die-hards with this amazing piece of work....even turned a few of these valve boys into digital ones lol.

Using the free audcaity recording software with just a 1/4' jack from the amp to a 1/8' adaptor to my pc and a cheap standard sound card....I've had audio engineers absolutely astounded and baffled on the superb sound quality of the tracks I've done at home. All I can say is the Line 6 boys should go back to this modelling technology...I've heard numerous demos on the Vettas and Spiders, MKII valves etc and honestly believe the AX2 shits all over them (excuse my Maori). I've inspired too many people to list to learn guitar after hearing the sounds from my beloved AX2. For what my opinion's worth, it is the 'Jimi Hendrix' of digital amps...light years ahead of it's time and competitors. All I've had to replace is the floorboard...after a few hundred thousand stomps, they do wear out haha and the only problem I've had is a dodgy pot.

BIG UP to all the AX2 players out there...respect!!....stand strong and play hard and loud brothers...thanks for letting me share...peace!

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