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Can't assign wah to expression pedal A on behringer fcb1010
by res5it on 2010-05-07 13:23:32.6640

Hi all.. I have Line 6 X3 Pro and combine it with behringer fcb1010 midi foot controller. Everything worked fine with factory settings. But I cannot assign wah to my expression pedal A, expression pedal B by defalt was for controling master volume ,great. I've seen midi chart table for X3 Pro and I guess I should assign expression pedal A to midi channel 4 but with no success. What I need to do,maybe i should do something on my Pod maybe? And another question is , in midi charts I can see more than 16 channels, like cc 44 etc,I don't understand because as midi channel option for explression pedal A I have only 16 channels? Can someone explain pls? I must also mention that I use one midi cable connected to midi out on behringer fcb1010 and midi in od my Pod, do I need another cable in reverse direction ?

Please help,

Thanx in advance

Re: Can't assign wah to expression pedal A on behringer fcb1010
by tobiez on 2012-10-29 06:17:01.6860

you mess up midi channels and CC numbers.

Ur FCB sends its data to all midi channels, so your pod will receive them no matter which channel you set it to.

One channel is enough to handle ALL data coming in !

(caution: if you want to use an editor to tweak ur POD,  you need both midi connections, and set it to midi channel 1 or the Pod will not be recognized)

In order to control the POD, you only need  its midi input connected, as the pod itself does not need to send out data to the FCB. The POD just receives data, not the FCB1010.

Now, as of the wah: the CC number 4 sets the position of the wah, your pedal will have a range from 0-127 by default.

But you also have to switch the wah ON first, done by CC number 43.

See in the chart if thats right or if its dif on your POD. Look for Wah on/off and Wah- position.(and check if I messed up the CCs out of memory)

you can switch the wah on/off whenever you like,  should its state be on within the preset (on when selected) or off (switch wah on after preset selection)

Note that in the CC charts if there is just an on/off task, it says like: 0-64= off /  65-127= on, meaning for the state ON it does not matter if you set the number to 65,66,67.....126, or 127- in all cases the button will be ON.

i set 0 for off, 127 for on, which is just a matter of choice.

You can also consider to put in another chip into the FCB, like the UNO chip (there is another one too) giving you the opportunity to have stomp-box behavior. (Led on/off states)

also check MidiOx which is a nice midi monitor app to see what data is sent.

In either cases I strongly recommend a software editor for the FCB1010.

I purchased this one, but there is also a free one around (Ed Dixon) without support, but will do at least for the standard FCB (without chip).

hope that helps

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