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Problem with Vyzex editing
by Miszab on 2010-05-08 18:20:23.8260

I have Line 6 Pocket POD for couple of weeks, and I`m very glad. A lot of great tones inside, even more tones in "Custom Tone".

I`ve downloaded and installed Vyzex - the newest 1.17 version. Great. I can edit my own tones, but...

... some of downloaded "custom tones" after loading into Vyzex - have "hidden" possibilities. I can`t set them creating my own tone.

For example: switch (toggle) "Bright" near EQ toggle. It appears in some downloaded tones, and Vyzex has free place for it. But it is unavaiable from program menu or its options. WHY?

Next example: FX: I can mix Delay with any other FX (compressor for example) from Vyzex menu, but I can`t mix e.g. Compressor with Flanger. WHY? The hardware has both of thoose effects...

Next example: Swell FX. It is possible to set it from Vyzex menu with delay only. Why not alone? Some downloaded "Custom Tones" have "single swell"

etc. etc.

Why somebody creating tone can use "bright", "swell", and other options, ad I can`t.

I`ve tried to use Line 6 Edit software, but it can`t work with Pocket POD

There is hard to find anything else than explanation of simple and evident actions in Vyzex pdf manuals, so I am asking here.

P.S. Excuse my my strange English



Re: Problem with Vyzex editing
by PsicraftTony on 2010-05-08 18:57:04.3300

The Bright Toggle is only available for certain amp model types - That's why it is only visible when those types are selected.

The combinations of effects model types are fixed in the PocketPOD firmware: You should try to bear in mind that these are digital models not actual analog circuits, so some combinations are not possible at the same time because their combined processing demands are too much for the hardware to perform in real-time.

None of these items are actually issues with the Vyzex editor. Incidentally, Line 6 Edit also reflects what the hardware can and can't do, so even if you could run it with your PocketPOD you'd still find that the bright toggle is specific to certain amp models and the available combinations of effects types are the same as those available in Vyzex PocketPOD.

If you want to learn more about the PocketPOD instrument, download and read all the POD2.0 manuals: You'll find they explain in deeper detail a lot of the mechanics of the models and parameters in PocketPOD (which is based on POD2.0). Have fun - These manuals are very well written and quite entertaining.


Re: Problem with Vyzex editing
by Miszab on 2010-05-09 03:36:49.9400

Thank you very much for fast, helpful and extensive answer. It explain fully all my doubts.

Re: Problem with Vyzex editing
by PsicraftTony on 2010-05-09 04:07:02.5650

You are very welcome - Have fun with your PocketPOD!


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