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Flextone II and Spider Cabinet
by Tourian on 2010-05-25 01:11:59.7940

Hello!! I own a Flextone II combo, 100 watt, 2 speakers, i own this since 2003 and it has been such a great amp. I live in honduras and i am about to buy this Spider cabinet but before i would like to know if there wont be a problem with connecting my flextone 2 to this spider cabinet. Also, i've been having a problem with my flextone 2, when i play at loud volume i start getting like this feedback sound on one speaker and like all the sound goes to one speaker and then stereo, but it does this really fast so it sounds weird, at first i thought one speaker was not working well, but both speakers are fine, someone told me it might be the electricity, not enough power getting to my amp. Is this true? How can i fix this? So, should i buy the cabinet? Could i take out the flextone 2 from the combo a make it a head to use on the cabinet? Please help!!

Thank you very much in advance!!

RE: Flextone II and Spider Cabinet
by AParedes on 2010-05-25 16:23:42.4500


No, you should not have any problems with this. See the following link for more information:

Amp Troubleshooting

Cabinet Connection and Ohm F.A.Q.

Video Tutorial: Line 6 Head and Cabinet Connections

Reducing Unwanted Noise

Re: RE: Flextone II and Spider Cabinet
by Tourian on 2010-05-26 00:31:23.1560

Thanks andy! I just bought the cabinet and its simply amazing, my sound changed a whole bunch, right now i'm modifying my sound, i need different set up now!! I noticed im not having no problems with the speakers, i guess its my output on the wires that go to the stock speakers which arent working or something. Im thinking on taking out the head from the combo and make a box to put on top of my new cabinet. I have one more question, my flextone 2 has left and right output and both say 8 ohm, on my cabinet if i connect stereo (both cables) its 8 ohms, but also 1 side says 4 ohms for mono sound, so i guess i cant use mono sound cause both outputs on my flextone 2 are 8 ohms, which means i can only connect with 2 cables for stereo sound, am i correct?

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