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What do I need!?
by connoson on 2010-05-26 14:35:35.7280

Hi there, the line 6 website is very intimidating so I just want to ask a question. What do I need to buy if I want to:

- Plug my guitar into my computer to record

- software that lets me create tracks with different instruments like drum loops, bass loops etc.

- basically software like garageband has on Mac, but I have a PC.

- I am also not rich (around the 200$ range)

if anyone can just give me some straight answers I would be super greatful (looking for something for a birthday present ) I just want something that can let me create songs easily with my guitar.

     Thank You

Re: What do I need!?
by auto46938 on 2010-05-26 15:16:20.3100

You have few options for the audio interface that you need, one  is the Pod Studio GX it will cost you 100 dollars it comes with some sotware for recording

the other Pod Studio Ux1 also has software and cost you 150, and the Pod Studio Ux2 sill cost you cost you 200.

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