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POD Studio UX1 + mixer + home made speakers
by BussSmith on 2010-05-27 16:17:44.8650

Hello everyone, I have a couple of questions for you folks, I would really appreciate some answers before running any connection.

1) I want to hook up my UX1 to my mini mixer, the mini mixer characteristics are:

Input impedance: 50K ohms

Maximun input: 10V - 225mV

Output Impedance: 120 ohms

Maximum Output: +7dBm, 1.75V

What I think to do is the following:

Connect two TS 1/4" mono cables from the analog outs (L & R) of the UX1 to the inputs on the mixer (via TS 1/4" aswell) is it OK?

Would I have any kind of problem regarding impedance or something like that?

2) I have built a pair of speaker cabs, each cabinet has a "2way" speaker, 190W peak power and 4 ohms, as far as I know each speaker

must be 95W RMS.

Will these speakers work OK with this mixer? or I will need to look for diferent ones...

Thanks so much in advance!

RE: POD Studio UX1 + mixer + home made speakers
by Line6Hugo on 2010-06-02 09:17:08.7450

I do not think you will have a problem plugging the analog outputs of the UX1 into the Mixer's Line inputs as long as you set the correct output level on the outputs.

I cannot provide any info about the compatibility of your custom speakers with the mixer though. Is this a powered mixer that provides power via dedicated speaker outputs from the mixer? If you are not sure, you should contact the manufacturer of the mixer or reference the User manual of the mixer for further information.



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