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RiffWorks Line 6 Edition joining POD x3 live
by cadrr64 on 2010-05-29 12:52:48.1980

Hi´ everbody

Two items


Recently I recorded my songs with the guitarport hardware and RiffWorks Line 6 Edition on normal pc, not the laptop mentioned below. Now I´m using the pod x3 live (activated) and want it to join the RiffWorks software. But when I connect it together I only get a message that says the RW is running in a demo mode that makes saving, mixing, ect.... impossible and I have to buy a licence. I don´t like to because I allready have one, I think . When I take the GP everthing works fine.


I took the RW Line 6 Ed. installer and wanted it to run it on my laptop, so I can also do recordings on travellings. The setup didn´t work. In deed it was listed in the software-window of the system-control, but it didn´t appear under programms, nor under the creator´s name neither under the line6 folder and no icon was placed on the desktop.

What can I do?

Thank you,


Re: RE: RiffWorks Line 6 Edition joining POD x3 live
by AParedes on 2010-06-02 11:57:15.3580

Your Riffworks license is tied to your Guitarport, so that is why the GP is working.  You can transfer the RW2 license to your X3 with the following information:

  Model Packs & Plug ins: Activating, Transferring and Authorizing

You can download the latest Riffworks software and read more about Riffworks at the following links:

RiffWorks Line 6 Edition F.A.Q.

RiffWorks Line 6 Edition: Activation

Re: RE: RiffWorks Line 6 Edition joining POD x3 live
by cadrr64 on 2010-06-05 12:26:30.1440

Thank you Andy

your answers were exactly what I needed. Now everything works fine.


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