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UX2 Crackling / Popping
by Walwyn7 on 2010-05-31 05:01:05.6460

I have a Pod Studio UX2 with the latest Windows 7 Drivers. I have Windows 7 64bit Ultimate;

Listening to music is fine, but whenever I watch any movie the audio suddenly cuts to a loud sound of white noise, or popping.

I have adjusted the Buffer Size, but still nothing. I have also tried every USB port on my PC, changed USB Cable etc but no change. I also changed from VLC Player to Windows Media Player, but I get the same problem.

Line 6 Monkey Says that I have the latest drivers, and The Sound Card performs perfectly under Windows Vista 64bit and Windows XP Professional 32bit on my PC, as well as performing perfectly when connected to my Macbook.

Re: UX2 Crackling / Popping
by minidub on 2010-06-01 01:34:18.7280

Hi everybody,

I have the same issue than you. Exept for me, listening music is not fine too, the audio cuts every minute. It is very embarassing...

And just like you, I have the latest drivers, and the latest version of PodFarm. I even tried to play with PodFarm 2... Doesns't work.

(Sorry for my english, I'm french )

Re: UX2 Crackling / Popping
by Line6Angela on 2010-06-01 18:46:14.3100


This would be better for the support section, so I am going to move your thread over to the support area, so that you can get some help!



Re: UX2 Crackling / Popping
by minidub on 2010-06-02 00:05:04.6420

I already posted at the support section. But it doesn't help me, unfortunately...

But by posting on different forums, I've found a solution: I reduced the buffer and it works better =D

If it can help to other users


Re: UX2 Crackling / Popping
by Line6Angela on 2010-06-08 14:44:21.0320

Thanks for posting what helped you out. It does help with other users that might run into a similar problrem. Thanks!

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