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AX2 Problem- Very loud monotone when powered on.
by ZIONPYRO on 2010-06-01 12:24:19.7310

K. I've had my amp for about 6 years. I bought it used and it had just had some work done when I had bought it. It started with the Gurgling noise described in a another post on these boards but at that time The post did not exist. I took the head unit out of the cab to see if I could find anything wrong and during that time I accidently unplugged a jack by the master volume knob. The amp was turned on at the time and now it only makes a loud tone when turned on. I've tried resetting the amp but nothing has worked. is this a fixable problem or did I blow the whole thing? Also... I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Are there any repair centres close by that I could take the amp to have it looked at? I love this amp and finding a replacement is not in my budget at the moment.

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