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I have the axsys212 and need help !
by chaslock on 2010-06-04 10:18:38.8520

I followed the "reset to factory default" directions and now my amp won't play. Its all over the place. The presets just scroll through the numbers. I can't select a preset or a user channel either. It just went bad after the factory reset attempt. I hope someone has a clue about this........I don't. I love this amp and really want to get it going again. Thanks, chaslock

Re: I have the axsys212 and need help !
by tumenibrother on 2010-07-02 03:04:38.5800


I suspect a bad pot (or two).  When it goes "all over the place" does it display an "E"?  The display will either be "U" for user, "P" for preset or "E" for edit.  If a pot is bad, the Ax will automatically jump into edit mode as if you were changing a setting.  If this is the case, try to isolate which pot is bad (tap them one at a time and see if they change).  Line 6 will send replacement pots for free, rudimentary sodder skill is necessary to replaced it.  It may also be just a bad ribbon connection.  Open it ip and unplug/plug all the connectors, see if this fixes it.  If there is a bigger problem, good luck.  Tech on these is impossible as there are no more parts to be found.

Re: I have the axsys212 and need help !
by chaslock on 2010-07-02 08:02:48.4660

Hi, and thank you for writing. Yes, the display shows "E" instead of the U or P option. The pots are the control knobs? Not the "push button" selectors?  I'm not at home now so I don't have the amp in front of me. I will have a chance early next week to check. When you say open it up - I know there are a number of screws on the back side of the control panel. Is this where I would unplug the ribbon connecters? I have also been told that parts are not available. So I will give this a real good try, and a buddy of mine is good with the soldering skills if needed. I was about to give up on all of this........Thank for the help, charlie

Re: I have the axsys212 and need help !
by tumenibrother on 2010-07-04 11:23:18.8500

Since you get an "E", it is a bad pot.  What model do you have?  Axsys 212 or AX2?  If you have the Axsys, the control knobs are in "capture" format which means you have to turn the knob to the assigned value before it will change.  If you have an AX2 chip (even if you have the Axsys chassis), the control knobs may be in "Instant Access" which means as soon as you start to turn a knob, it immediately moves to that value.  For example, maybe you have the drive knob set at 25, but the knob itself was in the 3 o'clock position.  As soon as you touch the knob to turn it, the amp automatically jumps to a drive value of 75.  I suspect your system is in Instant Access, so the bad pot(s) jumps between different values and makes a mess!  To check what chip you have, press the AUX/MIDI and MAIN buttons at the same time.  If you have the original Axsys it will show v1.04 or 5, AX2 will be 2.01 or 2.

Depending on the age of your model, to open it up, take out the screws on the handle, on the sides (usually two on each side) and any others on the top of the case.  Don't worry about the screws holding the metal corner protecters.  Once the chassis is out, remove the screws holding the removeable metal top plate (runs the length of the chassis).  Once in, you'll see the several ribbon connectors which you'll be unplugging when you remove the PC boards, so that will accomplish the unplug/plug portion.

To get to the pots (yes, they are the knobs that control tone settings) you'll have to take out the screws that hold the PC board to the chassis, pull off the knobs and take off the nuts that hold the pot stem to the front panel.  Replace the old pot with a replacement.  These are not "off the shelf" pots.  Thye have a longer stem than what you might find at radio shack, etc.  Call Line 6 service department and ask for the replacements.  I've had 5 of these amps over the past 8 years and they've been very good at sending me new pots.

Re: I have the axsys212 and need help !
by chaslock on 2010-07-11 18:33:38.2930

Hi again, I have the axsys212 (green trim, purchased in 1998). I tried tapping on all of the pots. I didn't see any difference. I have to go out of town for a couple of weeks now. I will remove the top part & the back of the panel when I get back. I bought a can of contact cleaner, I will clean each pot when I get back access to them. Question: Did you order enough pots to change them all ? I have the national service number handy to order the pots when I get that far. I tried the capture setting on each pot. They all seemed to work the way they did before.........

Again, thank you for your help. I have a feeling that you have been around this kind of equipment for a good period of time. Thank you again !  charlie


Re: I have the axsys212 and need help !
by echojorge on 2010-07-19 17:30:05.2550

I have the same AxSyS212 as Charlie (green trim), and I'm the original owner.  So this weekend, the display started flickering, and finally went to the tuning mode on its own.  I can bring it out momentarily by pushing one of the presets, and it still produces sound, but immediately flicks back to the tuning mode and stays there. The 'aux' channel still works normally.  I tried the factory reset as described in this string but no luck.  Could anyone help?  Thanks.

Re: I have the axsys212 and need help !
by tumenibrother on 2010-08-13 03:26:09.3890

Sorry guys, I'm spent - can't offer anything more than what I've said.  If this doesn't help, it's beyond my expertise.

Re: I have the axsys212 and need help !
by chaslock on 2010-08-16 05:28:47.3100

Hi Tumenibrother, a friend of mine has the amp and is checking all pots & connections. I will let you know how we made out. Thanks again for your help. Charlie (chaslock)

Re: I have the axsys212 and need help !
by wspln on 2010-10-29 09:12:02.0930

I have the Axys 212 and need help as well- does anyone know if a footswitch is made that enables changing channels on this amp

Re: I have the axsys212 and need help !
by tumenibrother on 2010-10-29 14:53:35.6630

Yes.  Its a "Floorboard", usually go for about $80-100 on ebay. Gives ability to do everything hands free except editing (move up and down banks, move between channels, tuner, live changes to turn on and off selected effects, volume and wah pedals).  I wouldn't (and didn't) use the amp live without the pedal.

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