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another failed pocket pod upgrade, flashupdate screen locked
by puggo on 2010-06-04 16:50:47.0470

hi all

was trying to update my pocket pod...and after wasting TWO hours I´m done...and YES, I´ve been reading some posts and I can´t fix (or find) the problem. As I can see, there´s a LOT of people with the SAME PROBLEM

my computers:

macbook pro-10.5.3 with last monkey (leopard compatible)...didn´t recognized the pocket since the beginning (bravo!)...changing the usb ports connections, mention here for the another editor..failed too

sony vaio with xp home, last monkey soft instaled: when updating the firmware from 1.00 to 1.01, carefully reading the manual and steps, using only 1usb port...problems

resuming: not updated, freezed screen with Flashupdate 1.00, trying almost 20 times to reboot the computer, changing usb ports, downgrading from older versions from monkey, etc, etc...FAILS, getting the midi error  (?¿?¿?¿?)...a mess.

what I suppose I can do with this? how I can return from my old version now? how can unlock this annoying-failed-error mode?

I´m 20 years making music, running-using lots of software, midi editors and stuff since the atari days until now...never had an issue like this...shameless.

If I buy a device, I want to play-use-enjoy with it, not loosing my time trying to fix it.

apologies from my words but never had a problem with my classic pod2, variax, dl4...but honestly I´m really dissapointed with the little one



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