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Spider Jam Sound Issue
by hellhoundpro on 2010-06-05 14:20:55.4100

I've had my spider jam amp for approximately a half a year now but for the past month its been having issues.  When I turn it on it cracks like the computer is starting which is normal but then it starts a constant buzzing.  It is definitly noticeable in a quite room and very bothersome.  After around 3 minutes, without any plugs in or volume on at all the buzzing will gradually grow louder until (And if I am playing it will cut out the guitar) until eventually it starts crackling kind of and then it pops and goes back to buzzing.  It is unplayable now and I desperately need help fixing it.  Money is pretty tight and my dad bought it for me used, I think it should still be within the warranty time but I'm not sure. I've never dropped it, and I've rarely ever transported it except to play with friends.  Thanks for any help you can give me.

Re: Spider Jam Sound Issue
by hellhoundpro on 2010-06-05 14:38:36.6300

I am reinstalling firmware version 2.09 on to it now to see if that could possibly fix the problem. I was not able to do a factory reset because when I held the Settings/Tone button upon start up it didn't do anything (This was with version 2.09 currently installed). So instead I am reinstalling 2.09 hopefully it works, though I'm doubtful. Thanks for any responses or possible solutions in advance.

Re: Spider Jam Sound Issue
by Buy-a-Fender on 2010-06-05 14:44:23.2670

I beleive the warranty covers the original owner only and goos for one year from purchase of amp. You would probably need the original sales receipt to prove when the amp was purchased new.

The problem you descibe has been asked about before on this forum.

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