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Volume issue with LD300
by ccljordan on 2010-06-08 22:48:39.8470

I just bought a new LD300 today and not sure if there is something wrong with it.  The volume seems to be weak for such a powerful amp.  For example I have the amp set on manual, the Channel Volume is at max and the Master is at max, the Drive is low/off, the amp model is Clean.  I am sitting two feet from the amp and I would expect the volume to be extremely loud for 300w but it's just not and infact the tone is not at all clear, somewhat scratchy.  I plug my bass guitar into my Line 6 spider III 75w unit and it's way I missing something with the settings or could this be a faulty amp?

RE: Volume issue with LD300
by AParedes on 2010-06-10 09:18:45.6890


If the drive is "off" the amp will not have much output - try raising the drive a bit to see what you get, and see the following link for more information on balancing your presets:

Creating and Balancing Tones

Re: RE: Volume issue with LD300
by stephenbolton on 2013-01-19 11:59:18.2040

Hi could you please recoment any settings, i like a good punchy sound but am so dissapointed im not getting it....Thank you....Steve

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