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Spider 210
by JimWarrior on 2010-06-10 07:14:11.1040

Are there any floorboards/footswitches that are compatible with this oldie but goodie?

I just purchased a Line 6 Spider IV 120 and am selling my Spider 210. I see the FB4 & FBV2...are both of these compatible with this amp??

Re: Spider 210
by MrTheEdgeSTB on 2010-06-13 20:47:55.5330


Obviously this won't constitue a definitive answer, but based on the age of the original Spider 210, I would say the FB4 should be able to support that amp; but not the FBV2.

The FB4 is a legacy pedal and should be compatible.

Otherwise, the so-called "Line 6 Floorboard" should also be compatible.

The FBV2 (and other current pedals) on the other hand should be compatible with your new Spider IV 120.  Looks like maybe the FBV2 is only incompatible with legacy products and some of the newer PODs. (assuming you haven't already seen this).

Hope this is of some help.  Cheers!


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