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Latency with UX2 and Pod Farm
by taylor_tay619 on 2010-06-14 11:34:34.0590

I have been using these products and really love them. When I first installed these products they seem to work fine, but now there is a very obveous latency problem. Everytime I record something be it a vocal or a guitar/bass the recording is exacly 1/64th behind the song. I am using Propellerhead's Record as my recording interface. Any help in fixing this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


RE: Latency with UX2 and Pod Farm
by ricksox on 2010-06-15 16:32:11.8160


Have you tired adjusting the buffer slider in the Line 6 Audio MIDI control panel?

Try sliding it all the way to the left and see if that makes a difference.


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