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Slight Volume Boost When Delay is activated?
by AydanWatkins on 2010-06-18 09:58:52.9950

well, i just had my m13 today, best MFX unit ever, just godly.

I have no real gripes with it but I noticed when you activate delay (I used digital delay), there is a slight volume boost,

its not a deal breaker for me but is it supposed to do this or is it just a little thing which can be fixed in future firmware?

Again i'm not gonna lose sleep over it but it's something which would be cool to be fixed unless theres a genuine reason which i can atleast understand ^^

anyways, thank you SO MUCH line 6 for creating an amazing effects unit, sold allll my analogues to fund this beast and it was worth it.

Re: Slight Volume Boost When Delay is activated?
by supertacks on 2010-06-30 13:43:05.8030

I have noticed that certain effects create slight volume changes when engaged.  I think a lot of it has to do with how you have the effect set up, where it is in the signal chain, and how you have your M13 connected to your amp.  I noticed this more while using the 4cb method, which is how I use it.  To be honest, I don't think this is a defect at all.  I remember when I used to have a pile of pedals in front of me on stage that certain effects or combination of effects would act differently.  I think this shows how accurately L6 has modeled how these effects react in different configurations.  There's nearly limitless ways to configure this device, figuring it out is at once frustrating and the fun of it.

Re: Slight Volume Boost When Delay is activated?
by ncsink on 2010-07-09 08:05:59.2780

I have the same issue with SIGNIFICANT volume boost or increase when engaging the delays (specifically digital delay).  I used to have the Boss DD5 and Line 6 DL4 & never had this problem.  I'm used to really "digging" in when playing with a delay, especially with rhythm...but with the M13 the volume boost is almost like going into solo mode.  I don't like it.  I usually have a compressor and overdrive in front of the delay on the M13.  But a delay should be transparent: it should pass through the dry signal and exactly replicate it with the wet delays.  There should be no volume increase or decrease!!  I've tried adjusting the Treble and Bass and Mix of the digital delays and nothing seems to work.  Any firmware update plans to fix this?

Re: Slight Volume Boost When Delay is activated?
by erick4x4 on 2010-07-14 11:18:08.4050

I have felt that a little too, depends on the delay as well for sure.

I have a couple little tips...

1) I have found that putting the bass or treble of a delay past 50% seems to start boosting the delay EQ, so I try to use them like a cut, not a boost.

2) This ones a little tricky, but if I am running to the front end of the amp, I try to get it just to the point that I am clipping. I feel like the overdrives in general sound better when the amp is breaking up just a tiny bit. Even with standalone overdrives (which I also use), if the front of the amp is already slightly clipping than the boost of the delay doesn't increase volume it barely increases saturation on the amp. Again this is tricky because if its too far than the amp clipping makes the delay in front sound weird, but if you can "just" get it dialed in. Of course this really only works for tube amps.

Anyway, that's how I handle it, and it seems to work for me. I also tend to avoid the real clean delays and stick with lo-res of analog as its less noticeable.

Anyway that's my workaround, hope it helps.


Re: Slight Volume Boost When Delay is activated?
by ncsink on 2010-07-14 12:02:28.5510

Erick, I hear ya.  In my case the original (dry) signal is boosted when the delay is on.  Thus, when I decrease the treble or bass of the delay, the dry signal is still really loud and the delays just seem to get lost.  I use the digital delays mostly, but I seem to notice a similar volume boost with low res, analog, etc also.  I'm gonna keep working with the amp (yes, it's a tube) to get that sweet spot.  Since I live in an apartment I have to test out the sounds at a fairly low volume, but when I've played on stage at louder volumes the delay volume boost doesn't seem to be as drastic.  Until the next firmware update I guess....

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