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UX2 - Podfarm - SPDIF - 16 or 24 bit A/D resolution?
by babsikka on 2010-06-19 06:13:48.1270

I know that I can use the UX2 as an extra A/D converter using Podfarm standalone, with the purpose of getting two more analog channels to another audio interface via SPDIF. I have tested this and it works, but there's a question that the manual hasn't answered me.

Is the A/D conversion in this case 16 or 24 bit?

The output of the UX2 SPDIF is according to the manual always 24bit, and I am connected to it OK with 24bit @ 44.1kHz and recording fine. But at the same time the UX2 driver control panel says that the driver is operating at 16bit @ 44.1kHz (and it cannot be changed).
So is the A/D conversion in the Tone Direct Monitoring mode working at 16bit and then resampled to 24bit for the SPDIF output?

Or is the A/D and SPDIF in the UX2 working at 24bit and resampling to 16bit for the OS/PodFarm?

And the ASIO client in this case is of course already taken by the other audio interface, so no solution there. I know that I could do this another way by installing the sequencer also on my laptop and running the UX2 in ASIO mode there, and then connecting via SPDIF, but I'd like to know if a two channel 24bit A/D conversion can be done on one computer with UX2 and the PodFarm's Tone Direct Monitoring feature.


Using XPpro 32-bit, SP3, latest PodFarm 1.12 and driver

Re: UX2 - Podfarm - SPDIF - 16 or 24 bit A/D resolution?
by ricksox on 2010-06-30 09:21:12.4080


The SPDIF output is always 24 bit regardless of what the ASIO driver is locked to.


Re: UX2 - Podfarm - SPDIF - 16 or 24 bit A/D resolution?
by babsikka on 2010-06-30 10:17:06.7980

Yes, I am aware that, as I state in the original post. Also the manual says this.

But the actual question is if the A->D conversion and signal processing is done with 16 or 24 bit depth when the ASIO driver is not locked to a host.

A 24 bit depth at the SPDIF output does not mean that the sampling and processing is done at 24 bit all the way. And the fact that the Podfarm Standalone settings tab says that its driver is operating at 16 bit leads to doubts if the software is sampling or processing at 16 bit, then sends the digital audio back to the hardware where it is converted to 24 bit before the SPDIF encoding circuit.

If the original sampling, or the signal processing, is done at 16 bit depth and then resampled to 24 bit, then the original 16 bit depth is still the actual dynamic depth to take into account while tracking.

So can you please elaborate, because it is still not clear.


Re: UX2 - Podfarm - SPDIF - 16 or 24 bit A/D resolution?
by babsikka on 2010-06-30 10:45:45.0960

What I mean is this:


Does the digital audio take a 16 bit roundtrip to the final 24 bit at the SPDIF?

Re: UX2 - Podfarm - SPDIF - 16 or 24 bit A/D resolution?
by babsikka on 2010-07-01 11:18:30.6330

I think I found a solution.

While PodFarm standalone is running you cannot change the driver settings (they are grayed out). You can only change the default bit depth and/or sample rate in the WinXP control panel while PodFarm is not running, choose to lock the format. Then the next time PodFarm uses those settings.

Please put this in the manual, this is not mentioned anywhere. After install the default bit depth at least in my case has been 16 bit and because it is always grayed out you think that you cannot change it. Or even better, you could actually put a note to this specific driver settings panel, that it can only be changed when PodFarm is not running.


Re: UX2 - Podfarm - SPDIF - 16 or 24 bit A/D resolution?
by captgene on 2011-01-26 13:46:16.1980

Thank you it works here as well.

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