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The audio through my monitors is very quiet when plugged into my UX1. Help!
by Danhassell91 on 2010-06-23 12:01:34.3910

I've just bought a pair of Cakewalk MA-15D monitors, I've plugged them straight into the speak jack in the back of my PC and they sound great but when I plug them into the Toneport UX1 I have to turn them up to full just to hear a very quiet sound. I've altered all the settings in the control panel to use the UX1 instead of the internal soundcard but the sound is still very quiet. The pair of monitors have to be plugged into 1 jack, I assumed the 'Stereo Monitors In' would be the one I want, if I plug them into the analog Left or Analog Right I get normal sound from either the left or right monitor and nothing from the other. When using headphones the sound is perfect so the UX1 itself is fine as far as I can tell.

Anyone got any thoughts?  

Re: The audio through my monitors is very quiet when plugged into my UX1. Help!
by Rowbi on 2010-06-23 12:48:32.9490

the stereo monitor in, is an input for another audio source that you want to monitor.  it's not an output.

the analog outputs are mono balanced, so that's why you're only getting half the sound.  you need an adapter.  if your monitors are unbalanced that's fine, bur you'll need an adapter to convert a pair of mono 1/4" plugs into 1 stereo socket that's the size of your plug on your monitors.

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