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UX1 not working with garageband
by Deadarm on 2010-06-25 20:33:05.1130

I can't get any signal through my UX1 in garageband (or Quicktime for that matter).

It's driver is installed and when I connect it via USB, garageband detects it. I can see it in the system audio profile and garageband preferences. I have it selected as the input device in both these places. It comes up in the garageband real instrument input panel as Stereo 1/2 (Toneport UX1).

No signal will come through it under any circumstances.

I have spent an hour on the phone with apple testing/checking everything and as far as they are concerned it should be working.

Apple asked me to try recording in Quicktime player and it wouldn't work there either.

Re: UX1 not working with garageband
by geeker on 2010-06-26 10:14:40.8340

Do you have any headphones or external speakers connected to the UX1? You have to have something connected to it in order to hear anything.... The UX1 becomes your soundcard....

Re: UX1 not working with garageband
by Deadarm on 2010-06-26 22:34:31.4950

No, you don't have to have output coming from the UX1. I have the output coming from the computer speakers/headphones from the computer.

Thanks for your reply though.

I had a techspert help me out last night and have resolved the issue.

I thought I'd post it for anyone else who has the same problem.

On the Mac, in the main System Preferences under the Apple icon you can access the Line6 driver, called "Line 6 Audio-Midi devices" down at the bottom of the panel under "Other".

If you click on this it will tell you it has to reopen the System preferences to access this driver. Just click OK and it will reopen and bring up a control panel for the Line 6 driver.

Click on the "Inputs and Recording" tab.

This will show a panel with a drop-down selection menu headed "Input Select". These allow you to choose which Inputs the UX1 will have activated.

You can choose from      - Mic 1

                                     - Line 1

                                     - Line 2

                                     - Line Stereo

                                     - Line 1 & 2

                                     - Instrument

                                     - Inst. & Mic 1

For some reason it's default setup is to have "Instrument" selected so therefore it is only accepting a signal from the UX1's Instrument port.

I was trying to get a signal through the UX1's microphone jack, and hence was getting no signal at all in garageband.

You still have to select the UX1 as the Input device in both the System preferences and Garageband preferences.

Hope this helps someone

Re: UX1 not working with garageband
by anm115 on 2011-02-24 04:02:51.6920


You totally rock my socks! I've sat through so many video tutorials and instruction sets I thought I had hit a lost cause. I followed exactly what you said and it was resolved in less than a minute and a half! Argh! Something that was so simple that seemed so complicated!

Re: UX1 not working with garageband
by qw1564 on 2013-01-28 10:06:49.8090

thanks, man, really helpful

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