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Pod xt live proco rat
by wagerofwar on 2010-06-26 23:34:34.2770

hey, which model of the proco rats is modeled on the xt live? it just says ' proco rat', but there's there proco rat2, '85 whiteface rat; was there an original rat that line 6 managed to get a hold of?

Re: Pod xt live proco rat
by Line6Tony on 2010-06-30 09:31:34.9150

Hello. The POD XT Live manual version 3 includes pictures and descriptions of the Rat. You might be able to identify by sight the one we used (the smaller of the two). The description partially reads:

"Through its life span, the Rat has seen several changes, and the unanimous choices for tone are the originals pictured here. Inside, these two Rats use the same board, and their circuits are identical. (For those that need to know, we modeled the smaller one.)"

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.