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SPIDER III possible answer for malfunction
by DFlynn666 on 2010-06-27 10:49:08.6730

about a year ago, I had problems where my HD150 stopped working with my shortboard, rendering it useless, see my original post for the problem

The problem was that theshortboard became unreponsive and started turning the volume up and down, even off at will, and when it was responsive, the channels would change about 10 seonds after I told it to.

After sending the amp away to be fixed, the report said nothing could be found wrong with it, but some diodes were replaced anyway to make sure. I got it hope, all was well.

about a few months later, the problem started again, just not as much as last time, and only happened once. and again, a few days ago, it happened again, so I reset the amp. This seemed to fix it.

HOWEVER in the last 2 times it has happened, i turned down the volume as well. The last time it happened, I inspected the back of the am, only to find the amp was ROASTING - it was really really hot.

So I have came to the conclusion that the amp cannot cope with extreme levels of volume for long (between 4 and 5 out of 10 on the master volume) After that, it starts the problems. I think originally, I ran it at 5 for so long, and ignored the problem (as it wasnt much of a problem) that it became worse and rendered it useless.

In conclusion, running it at such a high volume (almost gig level) will cause the unit to overheat and cause problems.

If anyone at line 6 reads this, perhaps they could confirm this theory, or if not, maybe correct it, or elaborate on it?



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